Backstage visit (L to R) Rick Leigh, Fred the Drummer, Wanda Leigh

Jamie Greenough with HeadHunter lead singer

(L to R) Pfc. Anthony Campbell, HeadHunter, Jamie Greenough

Rick and Wanda Leigh of Sand Ridge won the backstage passes at Saturday night's Kentucky HeadHunter's concert at Calhoun Park. "We really had a great time meeting them," said Wanda Leigh. "The guys were really great."

Because the second couple who won a backstage pass did not show up, the Leigh's invited Jamie Greenough and Pfc. Anthony Campbell.

Greenough was 1st runner-up for Queen Flora, Miss Photogenic, Miss Teen Wood Festival 1st Runner-up.

The HeadHunter's concert drew a huge crowd to the park, the conclusion of the 42nd annual Wood Festival.