At least five Calhoun residents have been charged with the stealing of a coin operated machine and its contents from Dye's self-service laundry on River Street in Grantsville, according to Grantsville Police Chief Ron Gordon.

Grantsville residents William Bohn, Shannon Riffle and Keith Lamp have been charged with grand larceny and conspiracy, according to court records, and are currently being held in Central Regional Jail.

Josh Bohn is yet to be arrested and James Blankenship has been released on bond, said Chief Gordon.

The Pepsi machine valued at $1800 was allegedly loaded on a truck. It contained about seven cases of soda and change amounting to about $100, said Gordon.

The machine, according to the police report, was loaded on a red GMC truck allegedly accessed by James Blankenship, and was then taken to a rural area and dumped in the woods.

Chief Gordon and the State Police are continuing the investigation.