By Alvin Engelke

The Creston Community Building benefit auction will be held on Saturday, June 12, starting at 4 P. M. at the building. Those with items to donate should contact the trustees or call Donna Sue at 275-3202. Trucks and strong backs are available to move heavy or bulky things. Items will be available for inspection prior to the auction and there will be goodies to eat. All proceeds from the sale of the donated items go for building and grounds maintenance. A number of current and former residents have donated some real nice items. Bobby Ray Starcher will do the auctioneering. He will also have on hand cheese, pepperoni and other yummies. Everyone is welcome.

The Creston area continues to get rain and interruptions to electric service. The Woodring family had their reunion scheduled at the Creston Community Building but there was no electric and, thus, no water. Last year there was a problem with the well and they had no water. On Tuesday there was a strong wind and the electric went out again. Also lots of trees and limbs blew down. Perhaps the most damage was down near the Ronnie Wyer residence (the old Cabot Lamp Black Factory Sup't's home).

Nancy Engelke and Susan Myers took a trip to Ohio Amish country. They returned with lots of goodies.

Euell Russell and R. W. Arthur were both consulting their physicians.

Several area residents attended the Wood Festival in Grantsville and the Relay for Life in Elizabeth.

Matthew Copen and J. D. were attending to business in Virginia.

"A cute young couple" went out four wheeling in the mud puddles and came back in caked in mud. Mother said, "You look like you have been mud wrestling." and she said, "Shut up."

Glennie Edward Arthur, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell and Don Rhodes were among those calling on C. Glen Arthur.

The regular meeting of the Creston Community Association was held on June 1. There was a discussion concerning highway cleanup and other past activities and plans were made for a fundraiser for playground equipment. There was additional discussion on the July 10 ATV poker run (mark your calendars) and other upcoming events to be announced later.

Local residents were saddened to hear of the death of former president Ronald Reagan who whipped the Russians and the other communists in the Cold War in spite of the Fifth Column present in America.

It was reported that one gubernatorial candidate would seriously consider selling off lots (99 year leases) of choice lots in state parks to those who were right or could pony up the big bucks. A person with a fancy villa or chateau in a state park could then show off his stroke in lining up other state business to those who needed a connection. All this would be done to help solve the state's financial woes, of course.

Clay L. Nutter, age 85, passed away in Reedsville, Ohio. He was born in Creston, the son of the late George & Ruth Nutter.

Brown Craddock, age 93, passed away. He had many friends in the local area.

Mary Reno was visiting Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell and family. Mary is nursing a sprained ankle which, she says, she received when she stepped in a depression in her lawn. A family member who knows her well said, "She was chasing a feller." Ed & Geneva Hays were also calling at the Ferrell residence.

Dave Peyton who writes for the Charleston Daily Mail noted in his column that he reads the Creston News and noted that his peonies were gone before Decoration Day too. It seems the folks down at the Mouth of the Elk River keep on the news around Creston.

The price of local crude oil fell over $3 last week with a one day drop of $2.25. Of course end products will not likely reflect this decline. Local crude is used to make high dollar end products rather that "low price" items such as gasoline and heating oil.

Columbia Gas Transmission announced that they will auction capacity (or the right to ship gas) on their lines in southern West Virginia which seems to be a novel approach for a common carrier. Columbia also reported that now their pipeline maps are secret "because of homeland security". No doubt the Mohammedan and other terrorists already have maps and plans of every pipeline in the nation and several other nations as well.