STORM SLOWS CARNIVAL OPENING - Petting Zoo Tent Collapses, The Show Goes On


Storm clouds recede over Pine Creek Hill

Petting Zoo's Lama escaped injury ...

... along with this miniature horse, as tent blew to the ground

A thunderstorm carrying gusts to 65 mph came across northern Calhoun yesterday evening, putting a damper on the first night of the Lions Club carnival. After the storm passed, the show went on.

Wind knocked down several new tents erected around the courthouse square and caused the large Petting Zoo tent to collapse.

"We focused our attention on protecting the animals," said the animal keeper. "None of them got hurt. Volunteers helped get the tent back up.

"High winds came through Buckhannon last week at the Strawberry Festival and knocked it down," they said.

Wood Festival workers and volunteers corrected the problems quickly.

Officially, the Wood Festival begins Thursday.