FREEDOM is the state, or Quality of being free,

Exemption from arbitrary power It's LIBERTY.

As we celebrate our Freedom
Let's remember years gone by
As we honor the flag, "OLD GLORY,"
Let's be proud to let her fly.

Be mindful of the "Stars and Stripes"
We gained them one by one
But not without a loss of life
Perhaps a husband, father, brother or
Some bereaved Mother's son.

FREEDOM is being independent
To have open worship, without restrictions;
To your faith be loyal
While there are those (still) held captive
By strangers on a foreign soil
Remember those who've gone before
They walked stately on this land.

And even though they gave their life,
They were proud to take a stand
For God, Faith and Liberty
That they could all rise and say
I pledge allegiance to this flag
And God Bless the U.S.A.

- C. Ruth Beall [1993], whose beloved brother Donald H. Wilson lost his life in WWII and is resting in Flanders Field.