A JUST AND HONORABLE CAUSE - Washington's World War II Memorial Recognizes Calhounians


The dedicated World War II War Memorial, Washington, DC

The dedication of the World War II Memorial in 2004 was none too early, with the old veterans passing by the thousands every day. Mike Ritchie, former Director of the Calhoun County Committee on Aging, established a "Last Man Standing" for the old vets who were in that perilous conflict that shook the world.

Calhoun County had among the highest number of WWII vets, per capita, in the USA.

Interest in vet's groups like the VFW and the American Legion are fading, mostly because their old soldier members are passing away. While Americans get riled with patriotism, it seems quick lived, as least in outward displays. Few come forward to events designed to remember their sacrifice.

Walls of Remembrance have been created in Calhoun at the VFW and the Senior Center, photographs of Calhoun men who served and many who died.

Their faces look so young and full of life.

Wall of Soldiers at Grantsville's Senior Center

Wall of Soldiers at Grantsville's VFW

Fading are memories of these men from the "greatest generation."

Journalist Tom Brokaw wrote:

"In the spring of 1984, I went to the northwest of France, to Normandy, to prepare an NBC documentary on the fortieth anniversary of D-Day, the massive and daring Allied invasion of Europe that marked the beginning of the end of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich."

"There, I underwent a life-changing experience. As I walked the beaches with the American veterans who had returned for this anniversary, men in their sixties and seventies, and listened to their stories, I was deeply moved and profoundly grateful for all they had done."

"Ten years later, I returned to Normandy for the fiftieth anniversary of the invasion, and by then I had come to understand what this generation of Americans meant to history. It is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced."

Brokaw in his book writes about America's citizen heroes and heroines who came of age during the Great Depression and the Second World War and went on to build modern America.

This generation was united not only by a common purpose, but also by common values -- duty, honor, economy, courage, service, love of family and country, and, above all, responsibility for oneself.

Washington's World War II Memorial will hopefully remind us of their service in a just and honorable cause.

A large number Calhoun soldiers are on the World War II Hall Of Service:

Goodman Aaron Charles E. Adams Arthur George Alexander Johnie Alfred Clyde Allen Gorden D. Allen Harold Allen James B. Allen Lewis A. Allen Teddy A. Allen Harry A. Altizer Delbert J. Amos Arlington G. Anderson Arthur Anderson Calvin Anderson Carl E. Anderson Dan C. Anderson Daniel L. Anderson Ernest Paul Anderson George Anderson Henry D. Anderson Hershel J. Anderson Lemuel F. Anderson, Jr. Raymond O. Anderson William C. Anderson Wilson Anderson Clay H. Arnold Denver W. Arnold Everette E. Arnold Glen R. Arnold James D. Arnold John W. Arnold Lester Darold Arnold Melvin Dennis Arnold Paul E. Arnold Chester A. Arnold Paul E. Arnold Chester A. Arthur Warren Arthur Jesse W. Ash Willie P. Ash James K. Atkinson Zella Auldrich Austin E. Ayers Foster A. Ayers Russel Vane Ayers Vernon Elihu Ayers Charter Badgett Chesley R. Bailey Curtis Calvin Bailey Denzel Bailey Donovan J. Bailey Encil Bailey Harley Bailey James Waldo Bailey Noah D. Bailey Pascal D. Bailey, Jr. Paul Gordon Bailey Ronzel L. Bailey Wheeler Bailey Winfield Bailey Albert E. Bailey Denzil M. Bailey Dexter Ball Donald M. Ball George Edward Ball Gladys Ball Harold Ball Helen E. Ball Kenneth C. Ball Wilford R. Ball Abe Barker Ball, Albert Burl Barnes Clyde B. Barnes Fred O. Barnes George Rexie Barnes Ralph McClelland Barnes Thurl Barnes Wellington Barnes William R. Barnes Alfred Howard Barr Don Barr Frank Kenny Barr Olin James Barrows Eugene Paul Bartlett Harley F. Bartlett Ray Francis Bartlett Starling N. Bartlett William Edward Bartlett Alice Basnett Hale J. Basnett Harley Basnett James Basnett Ray Basnett Robert Basnett William Marshall Basnett David F. Becker Howard R. Bee Gerald O. Belknap Alton K. Bell Bruce Bell, Jr. Emmett H. Bell John V. Bell Kenneth R. Bell Loren P. Bell Norman R. Bell Olin Lloyd Bell Kenneth J. Belt Arnie L. Bennett Forest B. Bennett Harold C. Bennett Hazel Bennett John W. Bennett Marcellus Bennett Maurice H. Bennett Ray W. Bennett Robert F. Bennett Rolland Eugene Bennett William E. Bennett Woodrow Bennett Donzel Ernest Betts Kenard Betts Ray Betts James C. Billey Charles E. Bills Daniel James Bills Frank Billy Thomas E. Bishop Victor R. Bishop Wade Bishop Linsa Blair Doyle Blake Lenna Blake Woodrow W. Blake Burl Bland Murl Bland Donald Ralph Blankenship Forest C. Blankenship Louis L. Blankenship Claude Board, Jr. Denver L. Board Victor M. Board Calvin C. Boatright Claude L. Boatright Hildreth Boatright James D. Boatright Olis Boatright Orlen Boatright Raymond H. Boatright Vaughn Boatright Brenton Boggs Charles E. Boggs Clyde Boggs Hiawatha Boggs Ray D. Boggs Raymon Boggs Raymond L. Boggs Robert E. Boggs Manford Boise John S. Boling Tyler R. Boling Charles Lynn Bohrer Charles E. Booher Deward Booher Don Booher Lonzo Booher Delbert Booher Verdon P. Boone Hill Bourne Owen Duffie Bourne Edwin N. Bowe Brettney H. Bower Carl Hayden Bower Dan E. Bower Emitt W. Bower Eugene Bradford Bower Harlan G. Bower Hayward F. Bower Oral Bower Woodrow O. Bower Bernard E. Brady Guy W. Brake Icle J. Brake Arlen R. Brannon Arley D. Brannon Howard V. Brannon Ralph H. Branson Ernest G. Brooks Rector Shadrick Brown Sheridan General Brown Shirley J. Brown Buford Virgil Bryner James H. Bryner Kenneth Lewis Buck Bruce E. Bullard Charles J. Burch William Bower Burns Elton Burroughs Clifford R. Burrows James L. Burrows Lee A. Burrows Thurl H. Burrows Truslow R. Burrows Verl Burrows William Gilbert Burrows Roscoe H. Busch William H. Busch David B. Bush Donald Claude Bush Ernest Bush, Jr. Clifford Woodrow Butler Lloyd Butler Milton Lafayette Butler Thurman E. Butler Willie F. Butler Francis E. Cain Blaine L. Calhoun Robert Larrie Camp Glenn W. Campbell Milfred G. Campbell Okey J. Campbell Robert M. Campbell Afton Roy Carpenter Baliss R. Carpenter Cecil M. Carpenter Clarence W. Carpenter Commodore Carpenter Gay Carpenter Harry Carpenter Oda Eugene Carpenter Rex Carpenter William Carpenter Woodrow Carpenter Charles R. Carr Hobert Carr Lawrence George Carr Raymond Carr Emmett A. Cart Robert L. Carter Thurman B. Carter Chester A. Champ Raymond L. Champ Charles Fenton Chenoweth Charles N. Chenoweth Eleanor Chenoweth Gordon G. Chenoweth John K. Chenoweth Robert Carl Chenoweth Cecil Church Fred S. Church Harry Church George H. Clevenger Meade Clevenger, Jr. Adam G. Clowser Claude Coberly Alonzo L. Coen Cluster Coen Lovell F. Coen Fred Cogar Glen Cogar Lemmie S. Cogar Paul E. Cogar Arley D. Collins Arnett Collins, Jr. Delbert Odis Collins Delmas E. Collins Ernest D. Collins Grover H. Collins Robert L. Collins Rome Collins Thomas Jefferson Collins William J. Collins Darrell Conley Denver V. Conley Donald V. Conley Gary Louden Conley Howard J. Conley John W. Conley Levi D. Conley Ralph R. Conley Ray Conley Berkley Conner Paul Conner Gail Leroy Connolly Paul F. Connolly William D. Conrad John Martin Cook Freddie J. Coon Arden Bradley Cooper Bernard J. Cooper Boyd L. Cooper David Cooper Fred Spurgeon Cooper Harry W. Cooper Hubert E. Cooper Loura T. Cooper Ralph E. Cooper Samuel E. Cooper Steven A. Cooper Arlie J. Cottrell Daris J. Cottrell Dawson R. Cottrell Denzle Cottrell Ernest Cottrell Emory Cottrell Jesse D. Cottrell Lawrence Cottrell Maxsell D. Cottrell Okey L. Cottrell Robert H. Cottrell Billy L. Craddock Cecil Craddock Forrest R. Craddock Roy D. Craddock Samuel Nelson Craddock Shirley D. Craddock Calvin R. Crawford Earl Crawford Harold Crawford Tracy G. Crawford Veon Crawford William T. Crawford Woodrow Crawford Aaron W. Criss Edgar C. Criss Harry L. Criss James R. Criss Lucille Criss Raymond Criss Walter A. Criss Woodrow Criss Delbert R. Cross Edmond L. Cross John O. Cross Robert C. Cross Walter E. Cross Worthy A. Cross Arlan O. Cunningham Chester Cunningham Forest (Paul) Cunningham Harold Cunningham Harman R. Cunningham Harry Cunningham Jennings R. Cunningham Leroy G. Cunningham Lester L. Cunningham Roy L. Cunningham Sterling J. Cunningham Trevie Cunningham William C. Cunningham William R. Cunningham Orbert C. Curtiss John Gusta Dandos Delbert Hugh Davis Duane C. Davis Earl E. Davis Eddie Davis Fred R. Davis Hollie Davis John Davis, Jr. John Clarence Davis Okey Davis Ruben Davis Garold E. Davisson Worthy G. Davis Glen Davis Harold Richard Dawson James L. Dawson John Dawson Forest Deel, Jr. John H. Deel Maxcel Deel Donzel Deweese Rex L. Deweese Ronzel Deweese Herbert D. Dickey Ernest O. Digman Ervin O. Digman Hetsel Digman Larry Digman William D. Dillon James W. Divers Ralph Captain Dix Clarence E. Dobbins Raymond E. Dolly Stanley O. D'Orazio George D. Dotson Harry G. Douglas Ray Downey Burl Downs Clyde Downs Paige Downs Virgil V. Drake Ethyl Wilson Duffield Boyd H. Duskey Charles Duskey, Jr. Clyde W. Duskey George G. Duskey George Duskey, Jr. John Duskey Robert B. Duskey Russell W. Duskey William C. Duskey Dale Dye Doil C. Dye Everett H. Dye Glen Dye Johnny O. Dye William C. Dye Holly D. Eagle Donald Edgell Ernest R. Edgell Jennings E. Edgell Lora V. Edgell Doyle Stump Elliott Ernest W. Elliott Hulbert C. Elliott Jack F. Elliott John W. Elliott Melba Elliott Robert Woodford Elliott Tracy D. Elliott Victor Elliott William L. Ellis Aundrel C. Ellison Charles E. Ellison Leo J. Ellison Ivan C. Erwin Jesse G. Evans, Jr. Walter W. Evans Charles R. Everson Arliss Ewing Thurman Falls William Clark Farrar Lester E. Farrell Dewey Ferrell Merle W. Faulkner Lelia M. Fay (Hathaway) (Rose) Roy Fenchman Teddy Ferrebee Bruce H. Ferrell Carl H. Ferrell Harold V. Ferrell Willard M. Ferrell Denver W. Fields Cecil Finchman Guy Paul Fleming John Carl Fleming Thurman H. Flesher Howard L. Flinn Chester Fluharty Edward D. Fluharty Rhayner Keith Fluharty Wallace Miller Fluharty Brooks E. Ford Ransel H. Ford Arnise Fowler Dale C. Fowler Duane Gray Fowler Durward L. Fowler Edward Fowler Foster Doyle Fowler Glen Virgil Fowler Ira D. Fowler Leonard Fowler Obert Fowler Garold F. Fox Clifford Frame Gail A. Francis Hall V. Francis Robert M. Francis Whitt R. Francis Chester L. Frederick Howard K. Frederick James L. Frederick Norman E. Frederick Arzie Freed Dallas Freed Delmas G. Freed Erschel B. Freed James W. Freed Clayton Clifton French Carl Freshour Daniel B. Freshour Lora Freshour Paul Elmer Freshour Willis Arthur Frymyer Forrest W. Fulks Howard B. Funk Allen Burl Gainer Alvin Dye Gainer A. L. "Jinks" Gainer Artie Gainer Everett Gainer, Jr. Frank Gainer George L. Gainer Helen Gainer Roscoe D. Gainer Vance Glen Gainer Willis Gerald Gainer John J. Garrett, Jr. Willard Garrett Denver Garretson James M. Garretson Willard R. Geer Roy M. Geho Carlos M. Gherke Whitt Gherke Clyde Edwin Gibson David Gibson Eugene L. Gibson George A. Gibson Leon F. Gibson Orlando Gibson James H. Gill Charles S. Givens Coy Givens Arlan Godfrey Dolan A. Godfrey Henry J. Godfrey Laymon Junior Godfrey Roland J. Godfrey Waitman T. W. Godfrey Ford P. Goodnight Johnnie Goodnight Olen M. Goodnight Woodrow Goodnight Delford Goodrich Paul M. Goslee John Gotinsky Joseph Grant Franklin C. Grayam Elbert H. Greathouse Ernest L. Greathouse Garland C. Greathouse James Scott Greathouse Shirley D. Greathouse Shirley O. Greathouse Harvey L. Green Oval C. Gribble Buster F. Griffin Howard N. Grimm Brooks W. Groves Earl Groves William C. Grudier Robert F. Gump Dale Gunn Delbert A. Gunn Denzal C. Gunn Dewitt G. Gunn Donald Gunn Forrest Gunn Ivan V. Gunn Donald Dewitt Haddox Morgan G. Haddox Bernard Hall Cecil Hall Cecil C. Hall Clarence Edward Hall Clifford E. Hall Drexel E. Hall Elmer O. Hall Freer R. Hall Henry C. Hall James Elmer Hall, Jr. James H. Hall John W. Hall Lawrence L. Hall Lonzo Hall Randal Hall Rex Hall Wheeler G. Hall Wilbur Hall Woodrow E. Hall Edward C. Hamilton George Linn Hamilton Harold C. Hamilton Howard Hamilton John M. Hamilton John W. Hamilton Lorentz C. Hamilton, Jr. Richard Hamilton Victor Hamilton William K. Hamilton Paul Bernard Hammer Albert J. Hamric Harold Hamrick, Jr. Ruffner Gearld Hamrick Russell D. Hamrick Argle B. Hannah James H. Hannah Robert David Hannah Bennie E. Harden Alfred Thomas Hardman George W. Hardman Paul Jackson Hardman Thomas N. Hardman William I. Hardman Casto Hardway Donald D. Hardway Gene P. Hardway Dennis B. Harold Walter C. Harold James B. Harris James L. Harris Ray N. Harris Simon N. Harris Thurl F. Harris William R. Harris Glenn C. Hartley Boyd Hartshorn Ernest L. Hartshorn Oval Hartshorn Wayne Eugene Hatfield Audy D. Hathaway Cleo E. Hathaway David B. Hathaway Edward G. Hathaway Eugene C. Hathaway Frederick H. Hathaway Ira D. Hathaway, Jr. Lennis Hathaway Lewis G. Hathaway Ophard Hathaway Orest Hathaway William F. Hathaway William Howard Hathaway Elliott M. Haught Joseph W. Haught Bernard L. Hawkey Cecil L. Hawkins Albert K. Hayhurst John G. Hayhurst Francis L. Haymaker Leon V. Haymaker Bernard R. Hays George J. Hays George R. Hays Samuel A. Hays Lern Headley Shade I. Hedges Chester B. Heffner Mary J. (Reed) Hefner William L. Hefner Denver R. Heiney Donald H. Heiney Forest Levere Heiney Henry Harris Heiney, Jr. Jennings P. Helmic Spencer Ray Helmic William Helmick Luther T. Hendershot Ernest L. Hendrickson John C. Hersman Romeo W. Hersman Clarence D. Hickman Glenard O. Hickman Leonard Grant Hickman Lorus Hickman Orel Bronson Hickman Orless Hickman Shirley Rufus Hickman Benjamin C. Hicks Bronzel D. Hicks Evert D. Hicks Freddie E. Hicks Junior Lemon Hicks Ralph Edward Hicks Earl L. Hildreth Olin Hill Alfred R. Holbert, Jr. Donald Eugene Holbert Milfred D. Holbert Paul Monroe Holbert William B. Holbert William R. Holbert Warren R. Holcomb John Holpp, Jr. Lewis Franklin Holpp Charles R. Holmes Johnnie W. Hood Glennis O. Hoover Rex Hoover Joseph C. Hopkins Olen Tibertis Hopkins Donald Wade Hosey Ernest F. Hosey George Hosey Joe G. Hosey John Q. Hosey Lorrin L. Hosey Shirley M. Hosey Vere E. Hoskins Charles Garrett Houchin Chester M. Houchin Grover Houchin, Jr. Dewey McKinley Howes Otto N. Howes Hale G. Huffman Harold A. Huffman Denzil C. Hughes Dorsey E. Hughes Ersel L. Hughes Mansel G. Hughes Oral B. Hughes Russell Hunt Waldo B. Hunt Claude Edwin Hupp Charles E. Husk Commodore W. Husk Ersel Husk Leno S. Husk Samuel G. Husk Simon J. Husk Howard D. Ice Gwendolyn M. Jackson Robert Murry Jackson Bruce Garell Jarvis Carl B. Jarvis Charles A. Jarvis Dencil M. Jarvis Denver C. Jarvis Donald Earl Jarvis Donzel Curtis Jarvis Ernest Jarvis Estine Clode Jarvis Garland H. Jarvis Genole Jennings Jarvis Henry M. Jarvis James H. Jarvis Jennings B. Jarvis Joseph L. Jarvis, Sr. Lester Dwight Jarvis Otto W. Jarvis Robert Jarvis Ronzel L. Jarvis Thomas W. Jarvis Una Jarvis Vance Jarvis William E. Jarvis William Glenn Jarvis Willis D. Jarvis Fred W. Jennings William Paul Jett Emmett Johnson Harold O. Johnson Herbert D. Johnson Kenneth H. Johnson Morford Johnson Otis Johnson Ralph Johnson Waitman Burl Johnson Willard G. Johnson William J. Johnson Bennie D. Jones Cleo R. Jones Clifford L. Jones Harley C. Jones Harley H. Jones Harold Jones Jess W. Jones Lee R. Jones Troy Ray Jones William C. Jones Arthur G. Keener Carl Keener Hoyt F. Keeton Elmer G. Keith Gordon Gail Keith Lowell Keith Elmer A. Kellar John Edward Keller Blenden M. Kelley Donald B. Kelley Oris A. Kelley Orval Lawson Kelley Richard Hays Kelley William B. Kelley Alfred A. Kemper Ernest Harold Kemper James Hatzell Kemper Hamilton K. Kendall Haymond P. Kendall James K. Kendall Boyd Kerby Cleo Kerby Denver M. Kerby Deo Earl Kerby Freddie L. Kerby Garret O. Kerby Harold J. Kerby Holly G. Kerby Holly R. Kerby Hubert E. Kerby Joe Kerby Lawrence Kerby Robert L. Kerby William H. Kerby Woodrow Kerby Delford Kerns Andy Kight Denver C. Kight Doris P. Kight Doyle Kight Eudore T. Kight Freddie C. Kight Glendon B. Kight Harold J. Kight Henry A. Kight Royal J. Kight Thomas M. Kight William J. Kight Allen R. King Carl King Darius D. King Earl B. King George King Lantis N. King Ottice Orville King Roy T. King William A. King Eugene H. Kingsbury Earl Kirby Forest B. Kirby Francis D. Kirby Victor Kirby Chester C. Knight Edward Knight Gene V. Knight Glen C. Knight Hobert C. Knight Bernard Knotts Cecil Knotts Charles A. Knotts Charles H. Knotts Edward C. Knotts Robert J. Knotts Russell P. Knotts Scott Knotts Woodrow Knotts Charles W. Kyer Herbert V. Lamb James Charles Lamb Clifford Lamp David Henry Lamp James E. Lamp Verlin L. Lane Marcus A. Langford Herbert L. Lanham Oval B. Lanham James B. Laughlin Laurence W. Laughlin Lonzo H. Laughlin Orous Laughlin Roy L. Laughlin Robert G. Law Russell Calvin Law William Rymer Law William R. Lawson Byrl C. Layfield Denzel Leach Paul Leach Charles F. Leggett John P. (Dick) Leggett William Rex Leggett Don A. Lesher Gay Lesher John W. Lester Dale F. Levering Christopher C. Lewis Marshall William Limer, Jr. Calvin C. Linville Preston Linville, Jr. Everett L. Little Willard Little Robert B. Lockney Harold Looney Ralph Looney Jessie Lowers Dudley David Lutz Tommy Lutz Harry W. Luzader Darwin Lynch Donald Lynch Harley J. Lynch Hobart M. Lynch James J. Lynch Robert Lynch Samuel F. Lynch Denzil Mace Edwin E. Mace Garland D. Glen Faris Mace, Sr. Hobert G. Mace Hubert L. Mace Leslie Calvert Mace William H. Mace James H. Mahaney Paul H. Mahaney Albert B. Marks Alden P. Marks Bissel E. Marks Ernest Poling Marks Jacob Blaine Marks Leon Marks Ross Edward (Bill) Marks Smith Marks David F. Marshall Harold J. Marshall James D. Marshall John T. Marshall Leonard Blane Marshall Virginia Hyatt Marshall Walter Marshall William B. Marshall William V. Martyn James O. Masters Forest Earl Mathers Carl Mathess William J. Mathews, Jr. Hartley May Hobert C. May Morgan M. May Ivan L. Mayne William O. Mayne Cofer Maze Donald W. Maze Okey B. Maze William G. Maze Leon McCartney Loren McCartney Rood P. McCartney Ariel E. McClain, Jr. Irvin S. McClain Dell F. McCoy George W. McCoy James Arden McCoy Robert C. McCoy Charles W. McCray Jefry C. McCumbers Shirley D. McCumbers Thomas E. McCumbers Alva McCune Bruce McCune Dow McCune Hershel V. McCune Moter R. McCune Norville McCune Roscoe F. McCune Daniel C. McDonald Roxie Gail (Mills) McDonald Paul H. McEndree Don C. McGlothlin Arco E. McKee Earl C. McKee Gordon D. McKee Clarence G. McKown Donald D. McKown Lee McKown, Jr. William H. McMillion Cecil McWilliams Newton McWilliams Oras D. McWilliams Shirley F. McWilliams Alva J. Meadows Dwight L. Meadows Grover G. Meadows Oris D. Meadows Paul L. Meadows Roy E. Meadows Ennis Means Estel Metheney Frank Metheney Lester C. Metheney Oral F. Metheney Carl Lee Metz Charles L. Metz Charles O. Metz Daniel M. Metz Forrest B. Metz Henry R. Metz Jesse David Metz Lennie B. Metz Orvel A. Metz Robert L. Metz Russell Metz Shirley G. Metz William Thurl Metz Carl W. Miller Chester P. Miller Doyle J. Miller Gilbert W. Miller Gordon J. Miller Greenville Miller Guy McDonald Miller John Miller Norval J. Miller Odus Miller Ordal G. Miller Roy Miller Samuel G. Miller, Jr. William B. Miller A. Jerald Mills Ernest M. Mills Herbert B. Mills Ervan Victory Minney Jennings L. Mollohan Vernon Mollohan Henry C. Moneypenny Sammie Montana Haymond G. Moore Willard H. Moore Bernard E. Moran Charles O. Moran Cecil H. Morehead Evan E. Morehead James E. Morford John W. Morford Bob Morgan Quinton P. Morgan Roma M. Morgan Charles G. Morrell Carl R. Morris Donald W. Morris Jeptha D. Morrison Donald R. Moss Cephas Mowrey Edward E. Murphy Garrison J. Murphy Lester R. Murphy Lehman Everett Myers Maynard E. Nelson Junior Ardel Nester Donald Newell Frederick G. Newell Jerald Newell, Jr. Tommy W. Newell Cleston Hale Nicholas Francis Nicholas Hall O. Nicholas Nyle W. Nicholas Orda Nicholas Ashby H. Nichols Brown Nichols Chester Nichols Milford K. Nichols Oral Nichols Paul Nichols Samuel N. Nicholson Carl V. Nitz Otis Nitz William Foster Nitz Holly E. Norman Clay L. Nutter Deo E. Nutter Foster F. Nutter Gail Nutter Lexie L. Nutter Robert George Nutter Donald M. O'Brien Charles W. Offutt Denver Clyde Offutt Deward L. Offutt John Norman Oles Joseph Gary Oles Lynn Scott Oles, Jr. William Carl Osborne Ottmer W. Owens Wesley Owens, Jr. Blaine Parsons Brady Parsons Charles Junior Parsons Denzil Jack Parsons Donald O. Parsons George Parsons Howard H. Parsons John W. Parsons Levi Parsons Lloyd Parsons, Jr. Marlo Parsons Okey D. Parsons Ollie J. Parsons Orlando Parsons Paris Parsons Ronzel R. Parsons William Worth Pell Bernard B. Perkins Allen L. Phillips Benjamin F. Phillips Elmer R. Phillips Edward Plant Jeffie Plant Roy Leetice Plant Wilbur W. Plant Ellsworth C. Poling Glenn C. Poling Lauren Poling Worthington E. Poling Merrill S. Pollack Emory Edward Poole Frederick Poole, Jr. Bee E. Postalwait Bernard F. Postalwait Boyd Glenn Powell Gail O. Powell Jessie Isaac Powell Paul B. Powell Franklin Vere Price Odus Coy Price Paul B. Price Smith A. Price Victor C. Price George J. Propst John T. Propst Millard F. Propst Harold Barr Proudfoot Austin W. Pugh George Quickle Steve Rabogia Ernest A. Radabaugh Marshall E. Rader Corbit Ray Edward Ray Kenneth Raybuck Kester L. Raybuck Charles W. Reading Bill Reed Ferrell Reed Loyd Reed, Jr. Willard W. Reed Woodrow P. Reed Glen Reese Mary Hope Reip Eugene W. Reynolds Lewie C. Reynolds Neil C. Rhodes Robert R. Rhodes Adrian H. Richards Arden C. Richards Carl W. Richards Charles L. Richards Cleo E. Richards Dorsey Richards Doy M. Richards Earl Richards Elmer F. Richards Erma W. Richards Ernest S. Richards Eudore D. Richards Freeman Richards Hagan Winfield Richards Hal A. Richards Hayward G. Richards Holly A. Richards Ivan C. Richards Ivan M. Richards James M. Richards James M. Richards Lawrence Richards Lee Richards Mack Richards, Jr. Orla F. Richards Stephen C. Richards Sylvester O. Richards Theodore Richards Thomas J. Richards Tracy K. Richards Walter C. Richards Woodrow Richards Thomas Richardson Benjamin Franklin Riddel Dale W. Riddel John G. Riddel Alpha G. Riddle Arden Riddle Gilbert L. Riddle Hale Riddle Howard F. Riddle Paul Virgil Riddle William D. Riddle Donald V. Riggs Henry V. Riggs James G. Riggs Leo V. Riggs Donald Rine Omro Willard Rinehart, Jr. Dale Ritchie Denver Doil Ritchie Marshall G. Ritchie Denver D. Roach Doyle Glen Roach Ogle Roach Austin Roberts Belford Roberts Charles William Roberts Denver Dale Roberts Don Carl Roberts Forest Roberts Guy R. Roberts Horace J. Roberts John Denver Roberts Lane K. Roberts Lorous I. Roberts Lorren F. Roberts R. Oran Roberts Teddy A. Roberts Cleo Darrell Robinson Harold Victor Robinson Herbert H. Robinson Kail W. Robinson Kenneth H. Robinson Robert R. Robinson Benton M. Rogers Bryan Rogers Frederick Alfred Rogers, Jr. George Rogers James Bucy Rogers James Robert Rogers John Rogers John Clark Rogers Lendol P. Rogers Oral E. Rogers Russell Rogers Thurl (Emory) Rogers Virgil R. Rogers William R. Rogers Robert H. Rose William Ross Rose Okey Rowan Charles A. Runnion Robert Runnion James R. Russell Carl Sampson Clyde F. Sampson Franklin O. Sampson Franklin S. Sampson George E. Sampson Harley H. Sampson Holly D. Sampson James D. Sampson Leo Sampson Leslie E. Sampson Oral G. Sampson Ralph J. Sampson Randall D. Sampson Roscoe B. Sampson Wilburn W. Sampson Charles E. Saunders Chester P. Saunders Harold H. Saunders Howard R. Saunders Orval R. Saunders Seymour J. Scarpellini Walter M. Schartiger Denzil R. Schoolcraft Guy Gordon Schoolcraft Rue Schoolcraft William D. Schoolcraft Rex Schreckengost Delbert Scott Millard C. Scott Dolan C. Sears Dorsey V. Sears Edward Sears Ezra D. Sears Frank A. Sears Clarence E. Shaffer Kenneth R. Shaffer Robert Edwin Shaffer Robert O. Shaffer William R. Shaffer Oscar L. Shields Denzil L. Shock Frederick L. Shock Willard Shock Dexter F. Shrader Howard Shrader Wilmer E. Shrader Ernest Wylie Sickle Olen O. Sickle Thomas N. Sickle Arno C. Siers Bernard Siers Denver C. Siers Doy M. Siers Edward Siers Ernest H. Siers Frank A. Siers Ray L. Siers Rector F. Siers Sherwood C. Siers Shirley J. Siers Dallas Siers Earl W. Simmons Everett M. Simons Oscar Simmons William D. Sims Andrew K. Slider Cleo D. Slider Ernest R. Slider George E. Slider Harley D. Slider Harry Slider Roscoe Glendale Slider Salathial D. Slider Virgil Slider William J. Slider Albert Monroe Smith Calvin L. Smith David A. Smith Denzil E. Smith Duane W. Smith Edward M. Smith George Seaton Smith Glendale W. Smith Harry H. Smith Hobert B. Smith Ivan E. Smith James Shirley Smith Lester H. Smith Lewis E. Smith Edward Mont Smith Paul R. Smith Robert B. Smith Robert G. Smith Roy Smith Victor O. Smith Walter Edward Smith Calvin W. Snider Dennis E. Snider Martin J. Snider Mildred Snider Robert P. Snider Shirley Snider James Edward Snyder John H. Snyder William A. Snyder Ralph T. Spangler Hayward Earl Stafford Charles R. Stalnaker Euell Stalnaker James O. Stalnaker Marvin F. Stalnaker William Arnold Stalnaker William Harley Stalnaker Thomas L. Stamp Albert Gene Starcher Andrew J. Starcher Audra C. Starcher Basil E. Starcher Bernard D. Starcher Cecil Starcher Cecil D. Starcher Charles Floyd Starcher Chester Darwin Starcher Chester D. Starcher Clifford Starcher Dale H. Starcher Dennis Hays Starcher Denver Rondel Starcher Donald G. Starcher Edwin Starcher Ernest H. Starcher Ferd Starcher Foster Starcher Foster Eugene Starcher Fred E. Starcher George W. Starcher Glen Starcher Glen L. Starcher Harold Starcher Jasper T. Starcher Jess W. Starcher John E. Starcher Kenneth W. Starcher Martin L. Starcher Okey E. Starcher Othel H. Starcher Victor C. Starcher Victor D. Starcher Walter H. Starcher William B. Starcher Chester Morgan Starkey William B. Starkey Andrew J. Stemple, Jr. Asa Andrew Stemple Forest F. Stemple Glen W. Stemple Ira D. Stemple Leo Stemple Rufus Stemple Delbert C. Stevens Earl Stevens Festus Stevens Hatsel L. Stevens James Stevens Sheldon C. Stevens Donald Vane Stewart Junior H. Stewart Hubert F. Stockwell Don Stone Bernard Stout Denzil Clarence Stout Earlene Stout Eugene Stout Joseph A. Stout Boyd E. Stout Alvin Stump, Jr. Baxter M. Stump Bernard O. Stump Blain Stump Calden Eugene Stump Charles Albert Stump Clair S. Stump Denver Stump Deward Stump Earl W. Stump Edwin Eugene Stump Elwood C. Stump Elza H. Stump Fred Pell Stump George C. Stump Harlan F. Stump Hatzel L. Stump> Hollie Stump Howard Stump, Jr. Hughart W. Stump Ira C. Stump Jack Dale Stump Jesse Wilson Stump Leon L. Stump Leon W. Stump Loren G. Stump Louis Bernard Stump Madison H. Stump Milford C. Stump Odell Stump Otis M. Stump Randolph R. Stump Robert Fleming Stump Roy D. Stump Roy L. Stump Rubert W. Stump Russell Stump Waitman Stump Warder Everett Stump, Jr. William A. Stump Bernard Sturm Cecil Forest Sturm Dennis Derius Sturm Denver Sturm Donald E. Sturm Fred O. Sturm Henry L. Sturm Jesse Sturm Lewis C. Sturm Roy Sturm, Jr. William Ray Sturm Clay Sturms, Jr. Earl L. Stutler Mack J. Stutler Ralph D. Stutler Ralph H. Stutler Warren H. Stutler William Morris Stutler Charles F. Summers Harry Summers Howard Alpha Summers Jesse Summers Oswald D. Summers Ronzel C. Summers Albert J. Sutphin Oscar W. Swanson George W. Talkington Ernest L. Tanner Owen T. Tanner Sheridan H. Tanner Virgil Tanner William A. Tanner Charles F. Taylor Elmer P. Taylor Herbert H. Taylor Robert Dail Taylor Russell H. Taylor Wiley Taylor, Jr. Woodrow D. Taylor Charles J. Taylor Arlie L. Tingler Leonard E. Tingler Ona C. Tingler Paul D. Tingler Arthur B. Treadway Arles W. Truman Clark A. Tucker Gene Tucker Homer Tucker James Tucker Loyd Tucker Robert B. Tucker Virgil E. Tucker Elias F. Tuttle Simon Tuttle Duane Uldrich Eucal Uldrich Rayon Uldrich Zella Uldrich Harold Ullum Hoyt Randolph Umstead Robert L. Umstead Ruth Umstead Cora Mae Valentine Freddie Eugene VanCamp Lloyd Vandall Earl VanHorn Leavy Oressie VanHorn William R. Vankirk Delbert Vannoy Edward O. Vannoy Emanuel Vannoy Oval Vannoy Paul Vannoy Lloyd Vaughan Terry D. Vaughn Robert J. Vincent Hoy M. Vineyard Roy J. Virden, Jr. Eugene Wade Hayward Leon Wade James W. Wade Kenneth Wade Weldon Dean Wager Anderson Ervin Wagoner Earl Edward Wagoner Earsel Dare Wagoner Ernest Elsworth Wagoner Eugene Eagoner Everett Wagoner Oren Wagoner Ray Waldo, Jr. Robert Waldo Carl W. Walker Poe Walker Roy H. Walker Thelbert Thurl Walker Vernon O. Walker Bernard E. Wallbrown Dale W. Wallbrown Denver S. Wallbrown Willie A. Wallbrown Arley E. Ward Bernard H. Ward Archibald D. Watkins Charles M. Watkins Loyd Watkins Ronzel Watkins Joseph G. Wayne Robert L. Wayne Delbert D. Wears Everett L. Wears Raymond Wears Wilbur Wears Bernard D. Wease Darrell Wease Donald Wease James C. Wease Carlton D. Weaver Ernest Harding Weaver Holten V. Weaver James Lauren Weaver John Delbert Weaver John Junior Weaver Lowell Ewing Weaver William C. Weaver Hartzel Webb Alva E. Webster Booney E. Weekley Robert D. Weekley Ronzel H. Weekley Tusca S. Weekly Charles Delmar Welch Edward Welch Henry Madison Welch Ivan Welch James Welch Glenn E. Wells Herbert T. Wells Willard L. Wells Hartis G. West James J. West Willard West Junior S. Westfall Robert Westfall, Jr. Baine G. Whipkey Donzel Whipkey Kester Whipkey Ralph Whipkey Raymond Whipkey Wilber E. Whipkey Darrell E. White Donald K. White Ernest White John C. White Ruffner White Samuel L. White Shirley E. White Verdis R. White Elijah D. Whytsell Eugene H. Whytsell Harry Curtis Whytsell Harry E. Whytsell Roscoe C. Whytsell Victor E. Whytsell Victor Earl Whytsell Woodrow W. Whytsell Denzil J. Wilkinson Otto D. Wilkinson Alva Williams Charles Q. Williams Dale Williams Denver Williams Donald Williams Foster G. Williams Harvey J. Williams Harvey O. Williams James A. Williams Lester Hall Williams Lorin Williams Luvatis J. Williams Norman D. Williams Pleasant W. Williams Robert Williams Robert L. Williams Terry Carl Williams Williamson D. Williams Bailey Wilson Basil R. Wilson Burley A. Wilson Chester K. Wilson Clarke Anderson Wilson Dennis W. Wilson Elwin B. Wilson Ernest B. Wilson Eugene G. Wilson Forrest Gail Wilson Henry C. Wilson Herbert Wilson Hoy E. Wilson James Carlos Wilson James E. Wilson James E. Wilson James Lyle Wilson Jessie Elmore Wilson Luke S. Wilson Melvin V. Wilson Olis D. Wilson Randall K. Wilson Raymond K. Wilson Rector Wilson Rhodan R. Wilson Robert E. Wilson Troy Wilson Velvin V. Wilson Wendell Laman Wilson Ernest Wilt Ernest R. Wilt Erra Witt Paul Witte, Jr. Allison R. Wolfe Ernest Clifford Wolfe Robert N. Wolfe Cecil R. Wolverton Faye Wood Guy Wood Romeo Wood Paul L. Woodring Oley Workman Avis G. Wright Carl Wright Don C. Wright Eugene Wright Guy D. Wright Harlow Wright Herbert W. Wright Hershel C. Wright James W. Wright John J. Wright Marion Wright Robert L. Wright Roy Allen Wright Samuel F. Wright Sexton D. Wright William G. Wright Woodrow Wright Agnew Thomas Yoak Delmas E. Yoak Donovan D. Yoak Ellwood Yoak Harold Ralph Yoak Ira Paul Yoak Ivy V. Yoak Jack Yoak Joy R. Yoak Morris Charles Yoak Orval White Yoak, Jr. Roland Leon Yoke