"We honor the memory of Issac Newell ..."

By Bob Weaver 2004

After many years, a Civil War marker was dedicated Sunday at at the grave site of Issac A. Newell. Pvt. Newell is buried at the Knott's Baptist Church at Orma.

"We have been working on getting the marker for some time," said Ann Newell, who with a dozen or so other Newell descendants, honored the old veteran. "It has been a long time coming."

Bob McCracken of McCloud, Florida, a descendant, marched down through the old cemetery to deliver words about soldiering, and to pay honor to the long gone veteran from Calhoun County.

Bruce McCune, 87, Orma old-timer and descendant of Revolutionary War soldier and Calhouner Peter McCune, came to pay his respects.

The gathering heard Newell's history, and joined in the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.

There was a large display of Civil War artifacts brought to the cemetery by Chuck Boggs of Akron, Ohio.

Newell was a member of the Ohio 25th Infantry, Company G and served in the Union army from 1861-62, having fought in numerous battles in western Virginia. He has many descendants in Calhoun.

Old-timer Bruce McCune of Orma (left)
leads the pledge with Roy McCracken (right)

The new monument "at long last"

Born near Woodsfield, Ohio, Newell married Sarah Davis and came to Gilmer County in 1878 where they built a log cabin at Tanner (near Shock). Newell and his wife moved to Frozen Camp in Jackson County where he found work on a sawmill. His wife died while he was working there.

After her death, Issac returned to the Mouth of Bear Fork near Stumptown, where he lost all his belongings while crossing the swollen waters of Steer Creek.

In 1891 he married a Braxton County woman, Rachel Lively, and they moved to the mouth of Crummies Creek above Arnoldsburg. He died in 1893.

The Newell family came out for the dedication

A large collection of Civil War guns and artifacts