HEARTWOOD SALUTES CALHOUN COMMUNITY - Street Performance Follows Saturday Parade

Submitted by Susan Grahame

Rehearsals are in full swing and the pace of class activity at Heartwood in the Hills is on the increase as students, faculty and alumni get ready for the Calhoun County Wood Festival parade tomorrow.

This year's mask and puppet pageant will be presented by more than 40 children and adults in new and familiar masks.

Heartwood's performance at the Calhoun County Courthouse starting at 2 pm will feature a high energy folk dance choreographed and performed by Artistic Director Jude Binder with sixteen dancers in beautiful multi-colored costumes.

Dancers will also perform "The Salutation". Also featured will be Calhoun County musician and teacher Michael Franek.

Dancers rehearse for folk dance
Photo by Linda Simmons

Dance teams and advanced dancers rehearse for Parade performance
Additional photos by Frank Venezia

Heartwood's youngest children from the Creative Arts for Children and Creative Dance classes will perform a spiral dance to open Heartwood's first performance. A second performance will be presented one-half hour after the parade.

An exhibit of Heartwood masks and photos along with information about Heartwood activities and classes will be displayed at the Heartwood booth during the Wood Festival on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, June 3, 4, and 5. Anyone interested in learning more about Heartwood is encouraged to stop by the booth.

Mercy Roberts (left) works on her puppet for the Wood Festival Parade

Volunteers will be selling raffle tickets on a beautiful hand-made afghan donated to Heartwood by Rena Bowman of Creston.

Heartwood's participation in the parade marks the conclusion of the school's spring program. The Fall Program will begin in September 2004.

Since 1982 Heartwood has provided people ages five through seniors with opportunities to explore, create and experience art, music and dance.

For more information about Heartwood call 354-7874 or e-mail heartwood@wirefire.com

For a complete history and current information about Heartwood be sure to visit our website at www.heartwoodinthehills.com

Jude Binder in "Earth, Air, Fire, Water" 2003 Wood Festival Parade