The Kentucky HeadHunters will perform tonight at 8 pm at Calhoun County Park, concluding the 42nd annual Wood Festival. The pre-show starts at 6:30 p.m. featuring Night Wolf and Up-A-Hollar.

Tickets are available at the gate.

The concert is expected to draw a regional crowd, much like the Monster Truck Show did last night in Grantsville, said festival president Paige Toney.

"The Headhunters put on a real crowd-pleasing show," she said.

Categorizing the music of the Grammy winning Kentucky HeadHunters is like trying to explain why the grass in Kentucky looks blue.

Some things are best when left to just grow naturally without explanation, wild and unique.

So it is with the HeadHunters.

The Kentucky grown musicians, who devised their name as an off shoot of Muddy Waters´ legendary band have always been proud to forge new musical ground more that just a little left center of the Nashville trends.

They´ve made their mark as a controversial band-as influenced by heavy metal and the blues-as they have been by the bluegrass of their heritage.

Fans are used to 'hunting´ through the record bins to find Headhunter product; never knowing if the CD´s will show up in Country, Southern Rock, Blues or Rock categories.

"Soul" is the HeadHunters album. The blues are so thick they float to the surface amidst a pot boiling musical recipe that bubbles noticeably with some of the groups collective favorite influences: Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jeff Beck Group, ZZ Top, Nazz, Johnny Winter, The Allman Brothers, Free, and Led Zeppelin.

Wanting to reach into the roots of blues music, The HeadHunters invited the best blues pianist in the world, 73-year-old Johnnie Johnson, to play on this project.

"It will be an evening of unique entertainment," said Toney, not to forget the local bands that will be opening acts.

One raffle calls for two couples to visit with the HeadHunters before the show, and a second raffle winner will win an acoustic guitar, autographed by the group.