Submitted by Crystal Kendall

Awards were presented to the DHHR/AmeriCorps Child Abuse Awareness Coloring Contest Winners last week. The contest was held in April for children in grades K-4 at both Pleasant Hill and Arnoldsburg Schools.

There was a large response from the kids which left a lot of coloring sheets to be judged. All the children did a wonderful job and are to be congratulated. We hope they will enter again next year.

Pleasant Hill School

Kindergarten: 1st place-Ashley Richards, 2nd place-Austin Gribble, 3rd place-Samantha Jones

First Grade: 1st place-Kenzie Hicks, 2nd place-Daerra Stull, 3rd place-Nate Hipp

Second Grade: 1st place-Delaney Cunningham, 2nd place-Charles Wagoner, 3rd place-Autumn Jones (not pictured)

Third Grade: 1st place-Kenadee Taylor, 2nd place- Danielle Kendall, 3rd place-Mercy Roberts

Fourth Grade: 1st place-Phoenix Bradley, 2nd place-Emily Bain, 3rd place-Justin Yoak

Arnoldsburg School

Kindergarten: 1st place-Kurtis Neely, 2nd place-Boston Evans, 3rd place Matthew McCumbers

First Grade: 1st place-Shania Murphy, 2nd place- Dustin McKown, 3rd place- Jarrett Nicholas

Second Grade: 1st place-Alison Hickel, 2nd place-Carleena Craddock, 3rd place-Kimberly Rush

Third Grade: 1st place-Hillary Lane (not pictured) 2nd place-Makayla Johnson, 3rd place-Carol McCumbers

Fourth Grade: 1st place-Barrett Evans, 2nd place-Brittany Kearns, 3rd place-Jordon Mace (not pictured)

After the winners from each school were chosen, it was decided to also award an overall county award for each grade. The winners are: Ashley Richards, Shania Murphy, Boston Evans, Daerra Stull, Matthew McCumbers, Jarrett Nicholas, Delaney Cunningham, Kenadee Taylor, Carleena Craddock, Danielle Kendall, Autumn Jones, Carol McCumbers, Phoenix Bradley, Brittany Kearns, Justin Yoak

DHHR and AmeriCorps would like to thank our judges for this competition. They did a wonderful job and I know it was a very difficult task so a big thanks to Debbie Doolittle, Tawnie Castle and Cassandra Collins. We appreciate all your hard work.

I would also like to thank Missy Nicholas from AmeriCorps for all the work she put into helping organize this event and for making all the certificates as well as Sandy Osborne from FRN for finding our coloring sheet and making all the copies.


Crystal Kendall