Law enforcement had a busy Sunday in Calhoun.

Sheriff Allen Parsons and DNR officer John Apgar responded Sunday morning to the Orma-Minnora area where two men were fighting in a front yard. Reports said one man was down on the ground, being beaten by the other.

A woman drove into the parking lot at the Y Restaurant before noon Sunday, and reportedly caused problems with the customers of the establishment, causing the establishment to lock their doors. Apgar responded to the complaint, indicating the woman passed a field sobriety test.

Sheriff Allen Parsons responded to a dispute on Route 7, Russett Road where a man and women were fighting in the highway, one yielding a ball bat. Parson's arrested the male subject who was violating his home confinement, and he was taken to Central Regional Jail.

911 received several calls regarding individuals in a truck "chasing" a person into a house in Grantsville. Trooper Doug Starcher responded to the complaint. Officers were called back to the location late Sunday night.

Trooper Jeff Hunt responded to a domestic dispute about midnight Sunday to Rush Run, where an individual was described as being intoxicated and was threatening children and residents.

Some of the calls reported weapons being involved in the disputes.