New members have been inducted in Calhoun High's National Honor Society.

The National Honor Society is a program organized to recognize exemplary high school students who have maintained a 3.5 GPA.

Teacher and sponsor Amy Fitzwater gave the introduction which lead to each officer speaking and lighting a candle symbolizing scholarship, leadership, service and character.

The NHS president continued the knighting ceremony with a sword. The inductees were then asked to repeat the pledge to accept their membership into the organization.

New members:

Seniors: Brittany Church, Susan Sullivan, and Amber Williams

Juniors: Alecia Alcaraz-May, Walter Mace, and Cynthia Wildfire

Sophomores: Adrienne Brown, Mitchell Cunningham, Joshua Hanshaw, Andrea Hardway, Katie Walker, Caitlin Weaver, and Cassandra Westfall

2004 NHS officers:

President: Barbara Shock
Vice-President: Chelsie Hupp
Secretary: Samantha Parsons
Treasurer: Kelly Badgett
Historian: Melissa Hartshorn

Current members:

Seniors: Kelly Badgett, Ryan Bremar, Amber Goodrich, Danielle Goodrich, Tiffany Hall, Melissa Hartshorn, Zach Houchin, Chelsie Hupp, Vicki Lamont, Holly Moss, Melissa Oshoway, Samantha Parsons, Katie Perkins, Mellisa Richards, Steven Rogers, Kelley Sampson, Barbara Shock, and Debbie White

Juniors: Craig Arthur, Ashli Cottrell, Jason Poling, Andrew Prusack, Heather Richards, and Eli Walker

The ceremony was followed by a reception.

Calhoun High School