Principal Larry Stinn addresses school board

Principal Larry Stinn said "Pleasant Hill School is child-centered, focused on learning, with an atmosphere on teamwork and high achievement."

Stinn and others connected with the school addressed the Calhoun County Board of Education Monday evening at a school board effectiveness meeting.

The result has been consistently high achievement for some 20 years.

"We take a personal interest in each child by showing respect, caring and compassion. We are focused on each child's learning," said Stinn.

"High expectations are the norm," he said, saying the latest Satisfaction Survey done by the school said 100% of each group - parents, students, staff - responded that children are "expected to do their best."

Steve Whited, Local School Improvement Council Chairman, highlighted the West Virginia School Report Card Data as it pertained to student achievement at Pleasant Hill and discussed the status of the Unified School Improvement Plan.

L to R: Kristie Ritchie and Kelli Whytsell

Kristie Ritchie, Faculty Senate President, and Kelli Whytsell Faculty Senate Vice President, discussed parent involvement, tutoring, open house, book fairs, instructional support days, reading groups and Emergent Literacy.

Jackie Shimer, Title I teacher, outlined activities used by teachers to improve students' reading and writing skills.

The presenters said if Pleasant Hill instructional approaches or strategies aren't enabling children to learn, they change the way they are teaching.

The only thing that is sacred is finding a way for each child to learn, they said.

Stinn said the willingness of staff to try new approaches so children can learn, the presence of dedicated volunteers helping and supporting students and staff,the communication and collaboration between home and school, all say loud and clear: We work together to help children learn.

The presentation said that standardized test scores, attendance data, and parent/student/staff satisfaction have been very high for a long time.

By every standard that researchers, state and national education leaders use to measure effective schools, "Pleasant Hill School measures up ... with results in high achievement and high satisfaction," they said.