CALHOUN SCHOOLS GET $600,000 "HEADS UP" GRANT - Focus On Helping Kids Improve


Greg Cartwright, Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Calhoun County Schools (pictured left), has announced that after school and summer programs will continue for the students of Calhoun County Schools.

A new $600,000 "Heads Up" grant has been obtained to help Calhoun kids increase their academic achievement.

Calhoun is nearing the end of the three year federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant and recently received permission to use those remaining funds for the summer program this year.

"The summer program will be very similar in scope to the ones offered each of the last two summers through the Lights On! grant," said Cartwright.

Calhoun Schools have been successful in securing a new 21st Century Learning Centers Grant in the amount of $200,000 per year for the next three years.

He said there is a possibility of continued funding for fourth and fifth years.

Cartwright said this grant will be focused on raising the academic achievement of Calhoun County students.

The two major initiatives will be continuation of the after school program with remedial, enrichment, and recreational program and the continuation of the summer program, although it will be on a smaller scale in future sessions.

Cartwright said "I am exceptionally pleased with the community support for the continuation of the programs which have begun under Lights On!" The new grant will operate under the name of Heads Up!

He expressed his appreciation to the community members who assisted in guiding the Lights On! efforts and were instrumental in the development of the Heads Up! proposal.