Mu Alpha Theta induction ceremony
Courtesy of Calhoun High School

The 2004 Alpha Theta and National Honor Society inductions have been held at Calhoun Middle-High School.

The Mu Alpha Theta is a math honorary requiring members to complete up through Algebra II and achieve a B average in all math classes. Mu Alpha Theta initiated the program with each officer speaking a part ranging from the history of the program to the future and purpose.

The president of the group introduced and accepted the inductees, including

Seniors: Kelly Badgett, Brittany Church, and Holly Moss; Juniors: Brittney Hickel, Walter Mace, Jason Poling, Justin Price, Heather Richards, Kelly Brown, and Cynthia Wildfire; Sophomores: Adrienne Brown, Mitchell Cunningham, Joshua Hanshaw, Andrea Hardway, and Catilin Weaver.

2004 Mu Alpha Theta Officers include President: Melissa Hartshorn, Vice-President: Kelley Sampson, Secretary: Barbara Shock, Treasurer: Tiffany Hall, and Historian: Chelsie Hupp.

Current members include Seniors: Ryan Bremar, Holly Burch, Marcus Davis, Amber Goodrich, Tiffany Hall, Melissa Harshorn, Zach Houchin, Chelsie Hupp, Victoria Lamont, Melissa Richards, Kelley Sampson, Barbara Shock, Debbie White, Amber Williams, and James Williams, in addition to Juniors Craig Arthur and Eli Walker.