By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

The Creston Community Organization held the regular monthly meeting on May 4 with reports being given on the poker run, the auction, John Little's work on the well, etc. Some of those present did "their duty" and helped eat up some delicious candy that "had some one else's name on it." [It was good.] Eddie Norman and Ted Grim washed down the bathroom so it could be repainted after a stove blacked up the room. The next poker run was set for July 10 and the community auction will be an event on June 12, starting at 4 P. M. Those who have items to donate that need hauled can call Donna Sue who will work out moving arrangements.

The Creston Community Adopt-a-Highway cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, May 15. Breakfast will be served to the volunteers from 8 to 8:30 A. M. with the cleanup scheduled for 9 A. M. A former short order cook is scheduled to serve up eggs to order to the workers. All helpers are welcome.

Rev. S. E. Cooper, Jr. was on the sick list but after his medicine was adjusted slightly, he is doing much better.

Laura Meadows, age 90, wife of Vandal Meadows, passed away. She was the daughter of "Lum" Arthur and a sister of the late Bertha Wells, Ola Wilson, Louie, John and Ira Arthur, etc. Her niece, Ola Boise, is a leading member of the Belpre City Council.

A big helicopter flew over the Creston area the other day.

Local residents have been feasting on deep fried locust blossoms, poke and other tasty treats of the season.

Yellow Creek native Linda Webb Ferrell reported that she keeps up with the local scene by reading the Creston News. She remembers that, when a small child, she came with her father, Will Webb to Creston where the late Nellie Engelke made them homemade peach ice cream. Will Webb and the Creston correspondent's grandmother were first cousins.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Various politicians have been making their rounds in the Creston area. By the time this is read, some of them will be up Salt River. Some local residents got some strange letters concerning some of the state wide candidates.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude rose to $36.50/bbl on Saturday.

The Wirt road crew patched the slip at the old Tom Alec Hopkins place while the Calhoun road crew mowed the grass along their section of W. Va. Route 5.

Euell Russell was calling on Mr. & Mrs. Don Rhodes.

Those calling on C. Glen Arthur included Terry Arthur and Don Rhodes. Glen is not very well.

Jane & Nancy Engelke, Carole Burns & family, Mike Small & family and Ashlee Small's friend Andrew attended the Ripley 4th of July Pageant Saturday evening. Two local young women participated in the pageant, Ashlee Small from Wirt County and Tiffany Jones from Calhoun. They both did an outstanding job and Ashlee came home with the crown on her head as the 2004 Miss Ripley 4th of July and Tiffany was 3rd runner-up. Wirt resident Jennifer Baileys was the 2003 queen and passed her title on to Ashlee. We are proud of our local young women that can capture such a prestigious title. Ashlee will compete down at the Mouth of the Elk River for the title of State Fair Queen. Her family formerly lived on Creston R. F. D. #1 and at Sanoma.

Rod Lynch was attending to business in Elizabeth. He also might have been spreading the good word on Mr. Tanner and Mr. Long's hunting "prowess". One is reminded of the definition of "vegetarian" which is said to be an old Indian word for "bad hunter".

The FUNchester group was introduced to fried locust blossoms by Anna Engelke. Her favorite delicacy was met with comments like; "You can't eat the flowers off the trees". They ate one each but were never sure they "liked" them. The group also attended the History of Wine and Ale Festival at Belle Grove Mansion in Middletown Virginia. The group is scheduled to visit Wirt County on the 21st of this month. Anna is contemplating taking them Snipe hunting.

Cap'n Spock cleaned up the Burning Springs Community Building in preparation for the primary election.

Charles and Euell Russell were undergoing tests at Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center one day last week.

Area residents have been attending to business over at Sims Greenhouse on Left Reedy between Palestine and the Blue Goose.