PRICELESS MEMORIES - All Dressed Up With A Place To Go, Calhoun High Prom

"Memories are priceless," said a parent, watching the young men and women of Calhoun High School walk down the red carpet to the annual prom.

Calhoun kids were all dressed up with a swell place to go, the school's biggest social event of the year.

The school's prom committee worked into the night Friday decorating the commons area for the big event. Their attention to the event paid off. The hall looked wonderful, stars, lights and candles, not to forget the music.

Dozens of parents lined up in front of the school with their cameras to catch the arrival of their kids as they walked down the red carpet.

Noticeable were the old cars, shined and polished, driven by the young gentlemen to the front of the school to escort their girlfriends to the carpet.

Gratitude was expressed last night for the warm spring night, remembering last years downpour which resulted in flooding and with the night being cut short.

But it is the memories of youthful days that count, mostly for Seniors, whose graduation is just around the corner.

The Herald presents this picture scrapbook of PROM 2004 for all our readers here and around America, even those who check in daily in Iraq.

Enjoy your visit with our great Calhoun kids.