The area's legislators Senators, Jeff Kessler and Larry Edgell along with Delegate Bill Stemple have teamed up and secured $3000 toward Grantsville's Town Hall Building Fund.

This funding will be used for engineering studies, blueprints, and cost estimates for repairing or replacing the Grantsville Town Hall.

The Grantsville Town Hall Improvement Committee has set a goal of raising $25,000 from private donations. A total of $4320.00 has already been raised. Your help is needed to reach the goal.

Your generous donation may be tax deductible! (Please check with your tax adviser.) Let your money work locally! A thermometer showing how much money has been raised will be placed near the current Town Hall to let everyone know how much has been donated.

Pledge your donation or send a check to The Grantsville Town Hall Improvement Committee C/O Lynn Gilbert PO Box 300, Grantsville WV 26147.

Donations may also be made by directly depositing into Calhoun Banks' Grantsville Town Hall Building Fund.