NO BIDS ON NEW 911 BUILDING - Commission Will Return To "Drawing Board"

No bids were submitted yesterday to the Calhoun Commission for the construction of a small 911 building.

The commission and the 911 Advisory Board have been attempting to complete the project for months, using $35,000 in designated money to complete the shell.

Numerous problems have surfaced, blocking what the commission described as a basic, inexpensive project described as a "bang-for-the-buck" building.

Commission President McCallister said the commission has limited resources to replace the current center at Mt. Zion, which is out of compliance and in deteriorating condition.

The commission made architects plans available for biding, with yesterday being being the day for opening.

McCallister said the project may have become more expensive and complicated than what was initially indicated for the center.

Delegate Bill Stemple has indicated some additional funds will likely be available to complete the project, if it can get underway.

The Calhoun County Board of Education has donated about one acre of property at Mt. Zion for the center.

McCallister said the commission will return to the drawing board once again to try and get the project off the ground.

An $80,000 Homeland Security grant can not be used for bricks and mortar for a 911 building.

The item will be placed on the commission's agenda next week.