Multi-millionaire oil and gas businessman Lloyd Jackson is making an expensive bid for the Democratic primary nomination. His aides say his total could top $3 million.

Jackson faces a major hurdle with opponent Joe Manchin. Manchin has an imposing lead in the most recent poll, although many voters are still undecided.

Another hurdle Jackson faces, according to political watchers, is Jim Lees. They say both Jackson and Lees are speaking to the same choir, which could further help Manchin.

Lees could shatter the slim chances of a Jackson come-from-behind victory.

Jackson has been bitterly opposed for being the architect of school consolidation in West Virginia, although Jackson declares in his campaign speeches the issue is always decided locally.

He is not likely to carry his home county, Lincoln, where some students are facing nearly two-hour bus rides each way. A Republican write-in candidate in a county highly populated with Democrats won against him in an earlier election for the state senate.

Jackson has also supported the centralization of school systems and county government.

The West Virginia Poll shows candidates seeking to catch Manchin face a daunting task -- even without a three-candidate dynamic.

Manchin has 48 percent of the vote and leads in every region of the state, according to the latest poll. Jackson claimed 19 percent and Lees had 9 percent.

Polls also show Supreme Court Justice Warren McGraw would defeat his Democrat challenger Jim Rowe 2-to-1, according to the latest West Virginia poll.

Former Secretary of State Ken Heckler is also far ahead of a pack of candidates for the seat, according to state polls.