Excerpted From Minutes

Mayor Neil Blankenship told Grantsville Council members the proposal they are voting upon asks for a 10% increase in water rates and a 15% increase in sewage rates. A first reading of the proposal was passed by council.

Last week's council meeting was continued from the monthly meeting.

After discussion about increasing the rate for trash pick-up, the issue was put on hold.

Steve Whited, CFO of Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center told council the proposed trash rates were inconsistent, indicating the center was charged for service at three places, but their trash was placed in a dumpster.

Nancy Bremar asked if there was a written rule that the town trash service would pick up only five bags of trash a week.

Gaylen Duskey expressed concern that town water was being sold very cheaply to out-of-town residents at a fill-up station, but metered customers in the town are required to pay much more. He was advised that the water station water was not potable.

Stephanie Curry questioned why the town's dumpster rates were not consistent. Mayor Blankenship said it had to do with different tonnage and frequency of pick-up. Curry said Waste Management had consistent rates.

David Trippett has been hired as swimming pool manager for the summer. Other issues concerning the operation of the pool were discussed.

Officials present, Mayor Blankenship, recorder Phyllis Maze, council members, Stevens, Whipkey, Stevens and Smith.