By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

There will be a benefit auction Saturday May 1 (May Day), starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. There will be all sorts of good stuff and proceeds will go to maintain the old school house which is now the community building. Ed Grim, who was down visiting from Pennsylvania, did some fine touch up work on the paint on the back of the building. The plan is for next year to give the building a new coat.

The regular monthly meeting of the Creston Community Association will be held at 7 P. M. on Tuesday, May 4 at the Community Building.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart had a speaker from the Gideons with her, and he brought an excellent message at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

The area continues to receive more rain. While there are no forest fires the wet weather certainly has slowed down other work. The spring flowers are still beautiful and the red bud is awesome. Poke is now up and very tasty.

Lula Hughes was attending to business in Grantsville.

Jim Bush and Wayne Hennen were hauling cattle over the weekend.

Nancy Engelke attended the Wood Festival and Black Walnut festival pageants.

Donny Shears and Phillip Hardbarger have done a fine job trimming the roadsides in the Creston area. They do award winning work.

Alvin Engelke attended the state Farm Bureau board meeting in Buckhannon. There was quite a bit of concern expressed about "free trade zones" that would negatively affect domestic beef production and there was an extended discussion over the Cheseapeake Bay Initiative. The government agencies and their allies want to eliminate 25% of agriculture in the area that drains into the bay and have all sorts of new and proposed restrictions on how one farms. It was noted that the Gulf of Mexico is the next target so folks here should get ready now. It was noted that one of the most effective means to combat these land grabs is wise use of ballots. Primary election day is May 11. Those who hand out the whiskey and the pictures of old presidents are not the ones who are the least bit interested in protecting the rights of America's citizens. Esau sold out cheap and his people, the Edomites, no longer exist.

Bill Aiken, a well-known Farm Bureau field representative is a resident of Maryland where he owns a farm. He had to go take a test to be able to spread manure on his own land. Also in Maryland one can no longer build farm ponds for such would raise the temperature of the water and negatively affect fish downstream.

Columbia Natural Resources paid royalty checks and the royalty on natural gas was paid at $3.30/MCF although gas is now sold by the dekatherm (MMBTU). For the same month Equitrans paid $16.15/MCF. Of course, it is important that the Rockefeller children have money for shoes and "better vegetables." Columbia has been very busy in nearby counties lining up leases to either drill or prevent others from drilling. It was learned that Jimmy Clowser and A. Douglass McKee are planning some Trenton/Black River wells over near Harmony in Roane County.

Speaking of deep wells, the Trenton/Black River well that Ardent Resources drilled on Bull River (Bennett's Mill Run) along Route 5 east of Grantsville is now in the line. A substantial amount of equipment was required to allow the high pressure well to be placed in the old Cabot line. Many people are following this development.

The head of W. Va. DEP was said to have been hot when she drove down this road and saw "soap suds" coming from a well location all the way to the creek. Sometimes in the past inspectors got into trouble when they "got too rough on the boys" but it would seem, that now, in some instances at least, things "are different."

Junior Westfall of White Pine passed away. Junior used to come to Creston to play music and he formerly had connections over at Cremo. Area residents have been out and about hunting morels, the delectable and delightful mushrooms that are only found in secret spots in the woods. Many others are looking forward to spring gobbler season, which started April 26. There are lots and lots of the tasty birds and they have been eating the morels too. Garry Anderson and Tommy Gay Wright were among those who were "back home" for turkey season.

Ralph Cunningham, Jerry Nutter & Delbert Bunner, Jr. were attending to business in Creston recently.

Roger Graham, a Pennsylvania banker, is visiting Dorothy & P. E. Graham and doing some gobbler hunting.

AUCTION at Creston Community Building Saturday May 1 starting at 6 pm All sorts of goodies, cheese, pepperoni, etc. Bobby Ray Starcher 890-03. For details call Donna Sue at 275-3202