Giant Oak falls on Master's Bouquet flower shop

Roof collapses and two walls go down from impact

Vere Brannon inspects his old Caddy

A giant oak tree uprooted early Monday morning and seriously damaged an Arnoldsburg florist shop. A roof and at least two walls collapsed at the Master's Bouquet, located along U.S. 33-119.

Vere Brannon, whose wife Susie operates the shop, said the tree fell around 4:30 a.m., not only damaging the building and contents, but two antique cars.

Brannon said his 1956 Chevy may be seriously damaged, but it was still under a lot of debris. The top on a 1969 Caddy sitting next to the building was also damaged.

Neighbor Clyde Knotts said he heard the collapse before he got into his school bus for the morning run, but discounted it as a loud vehicle going down the road. Wind and rain dominated the area during the night, likely loosening the roots of the huge tree.

Susie Brannon said the main part of the flower shop received some damage, but not enough to close the business.

Estimates of the damage have yet to be made.

Rain soaked ground allows tree to fall

1956 antique Chevy is underneath debris