BANGS, BUGS, AND BONES - HSTA Science Day At Calhoun Middle School


Students are sorting undigested bones from owl "barf"
(owls can't digest the bones)

The bones restored to skeletal order

Matt Kirby and student extract newly made polymer from a jar

Volunteers had a chance to "ride on air"

Calhoun Middle School (grades 5-8) students experienced an exciting day at HSTA's 3rd Annual Science Day Friday, everything from bugs, germs, and owl pellets to "barf" bags, bones and a planetarium.

The roving health, science and technology exposition took students from one end of the school to the other to observe, experience and participate in the science projects.

"The kids really got into it," said sponsor Tammy Yoak. "It has been an exciting day."

Likely the most enthusiasm was generated in an afternoon chemistry demonstration where HSTA members and Glenville College students "blew up" a few things in the school's auditorium.

NASA supplied large balloon "house" for planetarium

Students surveyed the night sky inside planetarium

A few things "blew up" during afternoon demonstration

Local HSTA members include sponsor Tammy Yoak; President - Samantha Parsons; Vice President - Ryan Bremar; Secretary - Holly Moss.

Other members include Derek Roberts, Mellisa Richards, Susan Sullivan, Jason Poling, Andrew Prusack, Josh Hanshaw, Angela King, Adrienne Brown, Mitchell Cunningham, Michael Sullivan, Eva Richards, Jake Wagoner, Cory Roberts and Ashley Hardman.

Students visited Germ City for a close encounter

Exercise demonstrated the Scientific Method