By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

Dorothy Graham suffered a mini stroke and was a patient in the hospital.

It was the biggest crowd ever for the Creston spring ATV poker run. Folks came from far and near and at least 3 states for the big event.

Eric Buckhanon, Jesse Stephens & Roger "Pud" Dooley were the winning hands in that order but everyone got to see spring epehemerals, wild game, blooming fruit trees and a wonderful spring day.

At the Spring Creek station there was a large gathering of Tiger Swallowtail butterflies that filled the air with color. Both Gene and Jerry Hopkins were out for the run as was the High Sheriff and his daughter.

Meanwhile at the Community Building the pipe in the well had sprung a leak and water well expert John Little was called to the rescue to provide water for the building.

The Community would like to thank all who came and participated, those who worked to make the event happen and the merchants who donated the prizes. Some of the riders commented that the hot dog sauce was the best that they had ever tasted. Of course, the beans, corn bread and cake weren't bad either.

The Old Timers Four Wheeler Club was also in Creston over the weekend. They had scheduled a run out Husk Ridge from Hur to Richardsonville and on Sunday afternoon there was another group that went up the West Fork.

The Creston area had high water again last week with a number of residents being either flooded in or out. It was noted that the water came up very fast and several local roads were under water for two days or more.

Jane Engelke and friends were visiting in Kentucky over the weekend.

Zach Gohn attened the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus down at the Mouth of the Elk River which, is of course, an appropriate place to stage a circus. It should be noted that the oligarchy that rules West Virginia from down there long ago took for their own P. T. Barnum's famous saying that "There's a sucker born every minute." With Junior, Joe amd Dan in the running they obviously plan on the big top staying up for at least four more years.

Matt Copen, Stymie Plummer and the Old Lizard were among those calling at the Carl Ferrell residence in Creston.

A big coyote was spotted chasing deer and wild turkeys out of Pete's Run. Famous coyote hunter Glen Long indicated that he plans on slaying the pest that was imported by some agency from out west. During the high water lots of folks got to see the big clear cut at the head of Pete's Run.

Ida Wager was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Wager and family during the high water so she could make it to the Creston post office.

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Bell were married 50 years on Saturday, April 17. He is a retired dairyman and World War II veteran.

Sam Jones returned from a trip to Florida.

Eddie Norman is working on a big deer stand so that he can "slay 'em" or at least watch them as they go by. Several have been out and about looking for porcine meals to eat.

The price of local crude rose to $34.50/bbl while gasoline, a low priced product derived from quality crude presently is selling for about $80/bbl. While oil prices have been up it has been very, very difficult for local oil and gas operators to get oil sold. It was also reported that gas buyers were looking for uncommitted gas to be locked in for a year at over $6/MCF.