By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

The big spring Creston ATV poker run is scheduled for Saturday, April 17 at the Creston Community Building. It should be a fun run for all concerned as the spring ephemerals are in bloom, the turkeys are gobbling, the fish are biting, there is some mud for those who like to "make a splash" and there will be lots of good company on the route, in short a great family and group outing. Signups will start around 9 A. M. (or even before) and then one can start the run. There will be a "last vehicle" in case anyone has a problem. For details call Donna Sue at 275-3202.

David Wyer passed away, apparently from a heart attack when he fell on the road in front of the Elizabeth post office. Burial was at Hill Grove.

Ruth Meadows, age 79, passed away in Elyria, Ohio. She was the sister of the late Sylvia Meadows of Creston and was the widow of the late Alva Meadows, Sr. Her sister Sylvia was a long time writer of the Creston News.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church on Easter Sunday.

The FunChester crowd went to New York City last weekend. Anna Engelke, Keith Collins, Angela Swenson and Jessica Potter visited the Empire State Building, China Town, Central Park, Grenwich Village and Battery Park. They also took in the musical, Avenue Q, which they said was excellent. This week-end Keith and Anna visited Wirt County and got together with high school friends.

Mr. & Mrs. Chris McKeever and daughter Abagail were visiting Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ray Cunningham.

Hallie Cunningham was visiting at the Goldizen residence in Liberty over the weekend.

Dining at the Olive Garden on Saturday evening were: Alvin, Nancy and Anna Engelke, Anthony Cox, Kathy & Keith Collins, Todd, Sarah, Michelle, Emily and Rebecca Rhodes, and JW and Stephanie (Tomlinson) Blair.

Work has been progressing well on Dorothy Graham's new house which is up above flood level.

Area residents have been working up ground and getting gardens started. Ramps are up big now and many have been attending ramp feasts.

Jane Engelke and Will Schenerlein are visiting the Los Angeles area and taking in the National USA pageant at the famous Kodak theatre. Jane also visited Claire's Collection, a famous designer of top notch pageant dresses. Jane is bringing back a faboulous group of dresses for her clientele.

John Little was visiting in Creston and scoped out the work needed on the well at the Creston Community Building.

Roger Godfrey moved back to Spencer. He had suffered a heart attack and decided he should not be living by himself.

Harold Martin, Nancy Engelke's 96 year old father fell and broke his hip. Nancy and Alvin just returned from Florida after having a nice visit with her father.

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Menefee were calling in Creston over the weekend. Among other things they were on the search of the old Grant Merrill home place and the Woodring graveyard.

Bessie Arthur was visiting in Barberton on Good Friday. Speaking of Good Friday, several local residents have gone to the blockbuster movie by Mel Gibson showing the crucifixion.

The price of local Penn grade crude rose to $34/bbl while natural gas from Tariff fetched $10.24/mcf but gas produced elsewhere fetched less.

Columbia Gas is making plans for lots of drilling after the class action lawsuit is settled in Roane County. Their sister company Exxon which has always been the Rockefeller family flagship company was found guilty of fraud against the state of Alabama over royalties from offshore drilling. The judge in the case wrote, "Exxon engaged in a carefully planned scheme, conceived and approved at the highest echelons of its corporate offices, to keep nearly $1 billion in easy money that it knew was due."

The Wirt road crew is mowing the brush along W. Va. 5 making the roadsides shine.

When traveling away from the local area one is amazed at the amount of construction that is underway. This was found to be the case in both the "in spots" and in areas that would, by any defiinition, be "out of the way". Also there were obviously lots of signs up advertising for workers at various sorts of jobs. While West Virginia suffers as a result of decades of bad management, the rest of the nation seems to be prospering yet the same oligarchy that has led West Virginia to the verge of bankruptcy has candidates out promising four more years of "good times" (for them & their cronies). It seems in the governor's race the "boys" aim to make sure that they have a candidate on both tickets so, either way, "they win".

Juliett Newhouse was visiting Mr. & Mrs. Joe Pennington of Burning Springs Run. Juliett noted that grandma's beautiful new log home was "awful big".

While down in the deep south Alvin & Nancy Engelke stopped at Darien Georgia which is the home base of a substantial shrimp fleet. Alvin dined on the local delicacy at B & J's near the post office there which is "where the locals eat".