The lunch meetin' has been going on for several years, pretty much the same folks coming for lunch nearly every day at the Koffee Kup Restaurant, formerly JoAnn's.

The Lunch Bunch

Left to right: Jackie Robinson, Sue McCoy, Evelyn
Campbell, Mary Ann Barrows, Ila Grey Snider.
(Missing, Marie Cheesebrew)

"We talk about most everything, and try not to repeat ourselves," commented Mary Ann Barrows, one of the faithfuls. She is the former editor and publisher of The Calhoun Chronicle. The oldest member of the group, Gladys Weaver Stump, just died at the age of 92.

"We laugh a lot, and end up talking about our families", said Evelyn Campbell. Jackie Robinson, perhaps the youngest of the group, often recalls stories from her younger "gadding about" days, and Ila Grey Snider, who is one of the principal organizers of the Calhoun High School annual reunion, often reports on the whereabouts of former graduates.

Sue McCoy, who now resides part of the time in Parkersburg, joins the group a couple of days a week to "catch up." One ad hoc member of the group, Marie Sturm Cheesebrew, checks in from time to time.

"And lots of other folks sit down and visit with us", said Barrows. "We like that." The Silver Girls was a name given the group by Gladys Weaver Stump, who never wanted to be so old as a "golden girl."