Submitted by Jane Lynch

Calhoun County Schools will conduct Preschool and Kindergarten screening and registration for the upcoming 2004-2005 school year. This service is provided as part of the enrollment process for parents. All children who have attained the age of five prior to the first day of September are eligible to attend Kindergarten and those who have attained the age of four are eligible to attend Preschool. The children will go through a series of tests, which screen for delays in cognitive, social, emotional, motor and language development.

Parents will need to provide a birth certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics and a copy of the child's shot record during the enrollment process. Children already enrolled in Preschool, Kindergarten or Headstart do not need to be screened again. Students are not required to attend Preschool. However, if you think you may be interested, please have your child attend the screening and make a decision about his/her attendance later.

We will begin scheduling appointments the week of April 12th. The date scheduled for Arnoldsburg School is Friday, April 30th and Pleasant Hill School is Friday, May 7th. Please call Cheryl Jarvis at 354-7011, extension 11 to schedule an appointment.

If your child is three years of age and you have concerns about their development or your child has severe medical involvement, please call Jane Lynch at 354-7011, extension 17. Children with special needs will be evaluated to determine eligibility for services.