Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 12/4/1894.

Word reached us Saturday evening that burglars had entered the store house of E.C. Knotts at Minnora and robbed the money drawer of what change it contained and left a part of their old clothes in the house and donned new ones. 

In addition to the money and goods, Mr. Knotts lost, the postoffice, which was kept in the same building, was robbed of about $40.00 worth of stamps.  As soon as Mr. Knotts found his store had been robbed he immediately gave chase and found traces of his men at different points, and the last account we had from him, which was last Saturday, was in hot pursuit.

  The thieves gained an entrance to the store by use of an auger with which they bored a hole through the wall.  We are not familiar with the location of the store as to his dwelling.  At any rate the robbers, two in number did a successful job and traveled fifteen miles before breakfast next morning.  The robbery must have been committed in the early part of the night.