By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

Betty Whited passed away. She had broken her arm earlier and had gone to visit her sister Pearl. She was a daughter of Jessie "Midge" Stutler and the late William Stutler of Little Creek.

Davis Wyer suffered a stroke and is not at all well.

Julia Boatright, age 62, passed away up in Ohio. She was born in Creston a daughter of the late Leodonis and Beulah McCoy.

Maxine Pearl Husk, age 78, passed away at Little Hocking. Her parents George and Ruth Boice Nutter formerly lived at Rock Camp.

Rick Goff, "Whistle" McIntyre and Paris Dean were all attending to business in Creston.

The Allegheny Power gas people were in Creston changing out gas meters.

The turkey are continuing to gobble, area residents have been purchasing baby chicks, peach and other fruit trees are blooming and some have already mowed their lawns.

Nancy Engelke was undergoing tests at Camden Clark Hospital.

Butch Goodnight and friend Judy have been staying with C. Glen Arthur.

Mr. Dexterity wondered why he didn't make the column last week. Well this is "catch-up week" as there was an ad in the county paper where one could rent a husband or wife and a telephone number was given (no name). He may be a busy fellow and next week there might be a report of a fellow suffering from exhaustion.

Getting natural gas to market has always been a problem in West Virginia as the big boys usually tried to make sure that local industry was kept to a minimum. The newest trick is the one being pulled by Equitable. They decided to change the classification of their gathering lines to being "non-utility" pipelines belonging to a "non-utility: subsidiary. This way the company could collect a fee for the "non-utility" line plus the fee set by FERC for the utility transportation. The short-term result would be an 88% rate increase in the fee for transporting the gas.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil fell on April Fool's day to $32.50/bbl. The catsup boy said someone ought to do something about the price of gasoline. Not so long back he said the price was too low and he suggested that the federal gasoline tax be increased by 50 cents/gallon.

It was reported that there has been quite a bit of drilling in the Pine Creek section. Richard McFall was over on Hollywood the other day when Dave Freshwater fracted the well on the Keen farm.

Arley Parker was in Creston delivering the mail and noted that he is running for magistrate in Wood County this year.