GETTING IT RIGHT - Commissioners Wife Not A Protester

Intercepted letter to Calhoun Chronicle

Dear Editor,

In the April 1 edition of the Calhoun Chronicle, reporter Lisa Minney affiliated me with a protest against Lloyd Jackson, Democratic candidate for governor. The headline of her story read, Protesters Appear at Jackson Rally; Manchin Supporters Remove Signs.

"The protesters arrived early at the armory site, at the same time as county commissioner, Bob Weaver ..." Minney reported. I fail to see the relevancy, but the protesters were assembled when Bob and I arrived at the site. We were there to cover the story for the Hur Herald. (See article (3/28/04)) I took statements from the protesters, Bob took pictures, we then left to cover another story, nothing more, nothing less.

The story read "The group of protesters, joined by Eric Rogers of Arnoldsburg and Dianne Weaver of Mt. Zion, wife of county commissioner Bob Weaver, distracted passing drivers, nearly causing at least one wreck." Bob and I witnessed the incident, from our vehicle, parked on the opposite side of the road, which we had yet to exit. The 'near accident,' had nothing to do with the protesters. A pick-up truck was following too closely to a vehicle making a sudden turn into the armory site, tires squealed, end of story.

" ... several (3 of the 7 total protesters) were wearing T-shirts for Challenge WV, an advocacy group for community based schools," reported Minney. I am a Challenge WV member, but was not a participant in the protest by people from Lincoln County, who have obvious issues with Mr. Jackson.

Ms. Minney further reported supporters for Joe Manchin, also a candidate for governor, removed Jackson campaign signs, the night before. If the implication is, that Bob or I was involved, the idea is as ludicrous as is my, "protesting, distracting drivers and causing near accidents."

Dianne Weaver
Associate Editor, Hur Herald