Continuing revelations about the financial empire of Wyoming County senior services director Bob Graham are being made public daily.

First at issue is his nearly $500,000 compensation package for operating the rural senior center.

What has been described as a "full report" will be released next week by the Bureau of Senior Services.

Graham has likened his 25-year career at the center to being an administrator to a hospital, developing multi-county programs and being successful as a manager.

The Charleston Gazette reported today Graham and another Council on Aging employee took numerous trips together over the past three years at the nonprofit group's expense.

Graham, who is active as an athletic booster, funded pet sports projects — including paying for out-of-state private school teams to come to Princeton to play exhibition basketball games. He "loaned" senior center buses to area schools for the use of their staff.

Graham's assistant got a $14,680 Christmas bonus in 2003. Her bonus was second to Graham's $34,000 bonus. Most other employees received $75-$350 bonuses, according to the report.

A big issue is that Graham may have over-billed the Bureau of Senior Services by $32,342 in the Legislative Initiatives for the Elderly program.

The bureau's report said it was requesting a refund.

Also being questioned is Graham's cashed-out sick leave for last year, which Graham later returned. The agency deposited the returned sick-leave funds March 12, two days after the council's board cut Graham's base salary and directed him to return unused sick leave paid to him.

Graham also cashed in 720 hours of vacation time five days before the board reduced his base salary.