Seven weeks remain before the primary election.

Voters should expect the governor's race between Joe Manchin and Lloyd Jackson (Left)to intensify.

"I'm sure the public should expect in the next two weeks [Democratic candidate Lloyd] Jackson will go negative and try to save his campaign and make it close" said Robert Rupp, a West Virginia Wesleyan political science professor.

Jackson, who will make an appearance in Calhoun this Saturday at the former Army Reserve Building at Mt. Zion between noon and 2 p.m., is reportedly dragging in the polls.

Cody Corliss with the Jackson campaign in Charleston said Jackson's Calhoun appearance is being sponsored by oil and gas businessman James Morris of Grantsville.

Secretary of State Joe Manchin's Democratic gubernatorial campaign says they are getting ready for the attack.

Former Senator Jackson has been the principal architect of school consolidation, closing hundreds of community-based schools.

A long time supporter of coal and energy companies, he is part owner of Jackson and Son oil and gas company. Part of his platform for governor is now attached to environmental causes.

Mike Plante, a Manchin campaign consultant says Jackson has refused to sign the "Common Sense Clean Campaign Pledge" as being "indicative of what [Jackson's] intentions are."

Plante said "For anybody sick of mudslinging and negative campaigns, I think the fact he failed to sign that campaign pledge, the result will be brutal, misleading attack ads."

Millionaire Jackson continues to tout his country roots in Lincoln County. He lives in what reporters call the high-rent district of Charleston.

Jackson campaign manager Dave Callaghan says their campaign has no specific plans to run negative advertisements.