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I am not a politician. I am 56 years old and have never run for political office. I don't look at the assessor's job as an office. It is a job. I am applying to the people of Calhoun County for that job, one that I can do well. It is not a partisan position; it is a job serving the people of Calhoun County and that's how I intend to approach it.

My goals: To make sure everyone is assessed in a fair and balanced manner. To make sure everyone is treated with courtesy and haste. To have balanced books, completed and turned in on time.

My promises: To get to as much of Calhoun County as possible to personally see the properties being assessed. To be in the office when not out looking at property. To have my property and that of my family assessed by someone other than myself. To work hard and diligently.

While this is something the assessor has no control over, I will use the job as a pulpit to speak out against the continuing taxation of automobiles after the sales tax has been paid and speak out in favor of doubling the homestead exemption for senior citizens.

I am a native of Calhoun County, born and raised on Hog Knob. I am married to the former Linda Taylor of Minnora and have a daughter, Elizabeth, a student at CMHS. My family and I moved back here three years ago because this is the place we wanted to be … our hearts have always been in Sunny Cal. My name is Gaylen Duskey (Republican) and I am Calhoun Proud.

I am Jason Nettles (Democrat) I am currently serving my fourth year as Assessor. I must say there isn't a better place or people in this country to serve.

I am proud and most appreciative that you, the people of Calhoun County, had the faith to trust in me to serve as Assessor. I am currently seeking a renewal in your faith to continue as Assessor.

Again words can't express the gratitude and appreciation I have for you the people of Calhoun County.

Board Candidates Are Non-Partisan

I, Larry R. Baker, am seeking your support for an extremely important positions related to our county's educational success. I am a candidate for Calhoun Board of Education. I believe in supporting students, teachers/staff and administration by following state and county procedures. I have sixteen years of educational experience ranging from PreK-12 through higher education. My experience also includes working closely with, and for the West Virginia State Department of Education. I graduated from Glenville State College with a Math and Science Education degree. I have a master's in Physics/Physical Science from Marshall University and will be completing another master's degree this summer. My son is a student at Pleasant Hill Elementary and my wife is employed at Calhoun Middle/High School. I am employed at Glenville State College and serve on the West Virginia State Science and Math Advisory Council. I have a strong background with developing and implementing policies and procedures to strengthen both teaching and learning.

My goals include working with fellow board members, administrators, teachers/staff, parents and students to insure educational success. I will also continue to work with the State Department, in my current positions, to ensure procedures and policies derived recognize the special needs of small counties like Calhoun. Another goal is to meet the demands of 'No Child Left Behind'. I also feel we need to plan for the upcoming financial constraints due to state budget reductions and decreased enrollment.

I have always put in the extra time to move our county forward and, with your support, look forward to providing another avenue to move our educational system to meet the demands of today's world.

Ralph Cunningham, candidate for Board of Education. I am seeking your support for election to continue working toward improving our system and maintaining our school system.

I have tried to give all aspects of School Board affairs the same approach with my decision making and advice to others.

"Do not do anything for anyone or group that you would not do for another individual or likewise group." And we do things by the Book.

In my first term I focused on improving our academic situation in the county along with helping to restore some measure of confidence between the administration and our staff.

Nothing can be accomplished if those elements are not present in any school system. Slowly but surly those things have improved or as best it can be.

My second term was dedicated to improvements to our athletic programs as a whole. Roger Propst took on that task and made it a job well done. The results speak for themselves.

Also in my second term I picked up where Mr. Evans left off with a share goal of improving certification standards at the Vocational Center. When I was seated in 1996 I believe there was only one National or State Certified Class being taught at the Center. Currently all classes at the Center carry either a State or National Industry Standards certification. Any Child can learn a trade or get college credit hours toward a "Very good job".

Now that said, let me thank all the Administrators and Staff that made all these things possible.

My name is Cynthia Dale. I am a resident of Sherman District, a business owner, certified teacher with a Master's plus 45 hours, a registered Democrat and candidate for Calhoun County Board of Education.

My educational background is extensive in the educational arena. I received my Bachelor's Degree from GSC and a Master's Degree from Marshall University in Elementary Education. I taught in Cabell County, WV, for many years in both elementary and secondary schools. Currently, I am working toward certification in the field of School Principal, Curriculum Supervisor and Superintendent from Salem International University in Salem, WV.

My teaching experience and educational background enable me to have a greater insight into the needs of teachers and students. I am knowledgeable in school law and state regulations set forth by the WV Legislature and the State Board of Education. I have stayed abreast of policy changes, due to my course work at Salem University.

If elected, I will work harmoniously with other board members, school improvement councils, faculty senates and the community at large to improve the overall school setting and educational process for the students of Calhoun County. I feel that it is essential for a board member to vote and act impartially, per school law, and not be influenced by other board members prior to voting on school issues. It is important to note, that I am not related to anyone in the school system, this will ultimately aid in lending an impartial vote. My decisions on issues will be based on state policy, with the student at center stage. I will not be swayed by another's opinion, nor the majorities' opinion, when I know that something is for the good of the students.

I Sandra McCumbers, am married to Dennis, we have one son, Jacob McCumbers, who is a senior at Calhoun High School. We reside in Grantsville, both my husband and I graduated from Calhoun High School.

I am running for Calhoun Board of Education and would like to say thanks for those who support me. The main reason for my name to be on the ballot, is that I believe in our children and that tomorrow is for them. I would like to impress upon everyone that all students should be treated equal and should have the same opportunity to graduate and if so choose to further their education. I believe that our school system should be treated with the utmost respect. I would like to see more involvement from parents and students in our school system.

If elected I will do my best to see that rules and regulations are followed, and that the information is made knowledgeable to the public.

I am Lewis Burl Simers, an incumbent running for the Board of Education. I've been on the BOE since July 2000 having retired from the BOE after 27 years as a bus mechanic. I served on the Democrat Executive Committee for several years and was President of the Young Democrats in Calhoun County. I was self-employed for several years in a satellite business and owned oil field service rig. I am a member of the West Virginia School Boards Association and the Calhoun County Retired School Employees Association.

I am a life-long resident of Calhoun County and married to the former Jean Muncy for 38 years. We have two daughters, Sandra Simers Bugby of Harrisville, and Cindy Simers of Mt. Clare. Sandra is an accountant with the Bureau of Public Debt and Cindy is a System Analyst with the FBI. We have one grandson, David Bugby, a first grader at Pleasant Hill School. Our son-in-law, John Bugby, teaches music at Arnoldsburg and Pleasant Hill Schools.

While on the BOE we have faced many hard decisions, looking at enrollment projections I feel we have an even harder path to follow in the months and years ahead. The most difficult decisions will be how to continue with quality programs for our students while meeting tight fiscal restraints along with regulations of No Child Left Behind.

Before making a decision I look at both sides and how the outcome will impact students first. We don't all agree all of the time, but I will always be honest to my constituents when you ask my position on any issue.

My name is Joy M. (Shaffer) Starcher and I am a candidate for The Board of Education. I reside at Mt.. Zion, WV with my husband, Marvin Starcher, a retired teacher. We are both graduates of Calhoun County High School.

This past August I retired with twenty-eight and a half years of service from Calhoun County Schools. Having worked in the past for Grantsville Printing, the County Clerk's office, Prosecuting Attorney's office, WV Telephone Company, and the School System. I have been in public life for over forty-three years.

I am a dedicated and hardworking individual. If elected, I will try to have an open mind and look into the future. I want to see our students get the best education and training that we can offer. I will work with the employees, parents and administrative staff to resolve issues. I support quality education. The young people are our future. Your vote and support will be greatly appreciated.


My name is Sheila Garretson, and I am running for re-election for the office of Circuit Clerk.

For the past eleven years I have enjoyed serving as your Circuit Clerk. I am confident that I have dedicated myself to be hard working and committed to all the duties that are required to be Circuit Clerk.

I am married to Jim Garretson and we have two children, Curtis 23 and Amber 21. Their support while I have been in office and through the current campaigning process has been priceless. I plan on continuing to effectively do my job if re-elected. I would appreciate your vote on May 11, 2004. (Democrat)

Larry Robinson is a Democratic candidate for the office of Circuit Clerk. Larry was born and raised in Calhoun County the youngest son of the late Harold and Kathryn Stump Robinson.

He graduated from Calhoun High School in 1967 and has a 4 year bachelors degree from Glenville State College in Business Administration. Larry worked at the old A&P Store while commuting to college and back to help with expenses. He joined the Army in 1972 and has over 22 years with the military, active and reserve. During his active duty, Larry was stationed at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, working for the Defense Intelligence Agency. After leaving active duty he spent 20 years with the 305th Military Police Company in Calhoun County, at the Mt. Zion reserve center. He worked at the Goodrich Company for 25 years at Grantsville and Spencer. Larry has experience in supervision in the Accounting Dept. and Stockroom, as well as being a Buyer/Planner in the Purchasing Dept.

Larry is an active member of the Grantsville First Baptist Church, where he serves as a trustee as well as an active member of the A.F.&A.M. Masonic Lodge located in Grantsville.

Larry is very dependable and dedicated, and puts 100% in all that he does, If elected you can count on Larry Robinson to run the Circuit Clerk's office very efficiently as well as being friendly and helpful.


During my past administration I have delivered prompt and efficient service to the citizens of Calhoun County and those who have needed the services of my office.

I have been responsible with the tasks and duties required of a County Clerk, working not only with the public, but with the county commission and other elected officials.

Your consideration and support is appreciated. - Richard Kirby (Democrat)


Charles William "Bill" Jarvis is a Democrat candidate for County Commissioner. He was born and raised in Calhoun County, the son of Cal and Grace Bailey Jarvis of Minnora, and graduated from Calhoun High School in 1960.

Jarvis and wife Naomi have three grown children and a son who died in 1984. He was self-employed in the building construction field for 10 years. He completed classes necessary to be a vocational instructor at Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center, and is retired from the Board of Education.

Jarvis has been a member of the Upper West Fork Park and a past officer. He is a 20 year member of the Upper West Fork Volunteer Fire Department.

He has been a member of the Calhoun County Building Committee since 1981 and has been its president for more than 10 years.

He enjoys hunting, fishing, and woodworking, and has been a member of the Bear Fork Hunting Club for more than 20 years, and is founding member of Calhoun Long Rifle Club. "I have always been interested in the welfare and growth of my county. If elected, my goal will be to work for the betterment of all county residents to the best of my ability."

I have considered it a privilege to be a County Commissioner this past term, and do actively seek the support of all Calhoun voters for re-election.

I have tried to be a servant of the people, considering the interests of all our citizens.

I have remained independent in my endeavors, weighing the issues on their worth and attempting to make the best decisions.

I have not been a party to any kind of behind-closed-door politics.

I promised voters to bring a spirit of unity to the county and within the commission itself. I have kept that promise.

I have kept my promise of disclosure, accountability and financial responsibility. With the cooperation of the other commissioners, county officials and employees, all who have made sacrifices, we have kept the county in the black, even paying off the regional jail bill.

I have a lengthy history of being a businessman, administrator and advocate for public causes.

I am married to Dianne Starcher Weaver, a Calhoun native, and have three children, Tracey Keaton, Eric Weaver and Jon Weaver. My parents were lifetime residents of the county, the late Gifford and Myrtle McCoy Weaver of Hur.

I am the editor of the Hur Herald, a former businessman, hospital program administrator, professional counselor and have been actively involved as a volunteer in many community activities.

I respectfully ask for your support. - Bob Weaver (Democrat)


Charles McKown (Republican)- NO SUBMISSION

Bill Stemple (Democrat)- NO SUBMISSION


Vote for Perry Jenkins for Magistrate.

"Help him fight crime. Lets get the drugs dealers out of are school and sex offenders out our streets and lets give them a message, We don't wont your drugs. We don't wont your sex offenders on are streets or school. We will punish the guilty, propected the innocent."

Vote for Perry Jenkins for Magistrate. "We care about you. God Bless you." (Democrat)

I, Henry "Billy" Mullins, am announcing my candidacy for Calhoun County Magistrate. If elected to this office, I pledge to the citizens of Calhoun County to work on your behalf to carry out the duties of this office. I am honest, fair and hard working. I will never forget that I work for you, the citizens of this county.

I was born and raised in Calhoun County, the son of Bill and Bev Mullins. After graduating from Calhoun County High School, I attended Glenville State College, where I received my bachelors' degree in Business administration, as well as an associates' degree in Criminal Justice. I am currently the substitute ALC teacher at Calhoun County Middle School.

Exercise your American right to vote on May 11. And, I ask for your support by casting your vote for me to serve you in Calhoun County as your magistrate. (Democrat)

Re-Elect Rick Postalwait for Magistrate

I would like this opportunity to tell you about my experience. I have worked in the Criminal Justice Field for over 10 years. 7 years in Law-Enforcement, 14 months with the West Virginia Division of Corrections, and now serving as Magistrate of Calhoun County since 2001.

I believe that as Citizens and Taxpayers every person has a right to speak directly with their Elected Officials, serving as Magistrate I have practiced and will continue to practice an "Open Door Policy".

As an Elected Official, I work for the people and feel each person should be comfortable coming in to the office, knowing that they will be treated fairly and with the respect they deserve.

Upon assuming the duties and responsibilities of this Office in 2001, I took the following Oath of Office: I, Richard Postalwait, do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of West Virginia, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of Magistrate of Calhoun County, West Virginia, to the best of my skill and judgment, so help me GOD.

Today, I am under that same pledge, and if Re-Elected will continue to faithfully discharge the duties of this Office to the best of my abilities.

Vote for Professionalism, Vote for Experience, Vote for Knowledge.

Re-Elect Rick Postalwait as your Magistrate ... Working hard for you. (Democrat)

Hello, my name is Teresa Robinson, I am running for re-election for a second term as Calhoun County Magistrate. I have 15 years of experience with the Magistrate Court system, beginning in 1989. I was hired as a Magistrate Assistant and worked in that position for 11 years. In 2000 I was elected by the people of Calhoun County to fill the office of Magistrate.

I graduated from Calhoun High school in 1976, where my work experience began as a student working evenings and weekends at J&B Drug Store. After graduation I worked in banking until I had my children at which time I decided to be a full-time mom. Then in 1989 I began my work in the Magistrate system and have truly enjoyed my job, since.

I am an active member of the First Baptist Church of Grantsville, where I am the church clerk, teach the primary Sunday School class and am president of the American Baptist Women's Mission Circle. I am also an active member and office holder of the Grantsville #73 Order of the Eastern Star.

If elected for a second term, I will continue to run my office in a helpful and understanding way as well as being fair and honest. On May 11, my name, Teresa Robinson, will be listed last on the ballot form, but I am asking to be your first choice for Magistrate of Calhoun County. (Democrat)


My name is Matt Minney, I am running for election as the Prosecuting Attorney of Calhoun County. I have been serving in that capacity for the last seven months. I have been a member of the West Virginia State Bar for about 2 ½ years and I have previously worked for both a circuit judge and the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

Prior to becoming an attorney, I taught school in Calhoun and Gilmer Counties. I am also a resident of Calhoun County, and thus I have a personal interest in the safety of local residents. It is my intention to continue to work for a fair and vigorous prosecution of the many serious cases currently before the Courts. I also hope to continue to encourage cooperation between the various law enforcement offices in this County. Therefore, I hope that each of you will be able to cast a vote for me in the upcoming elections. (Democrat)


My name is Carl D. Ballengee. I am 40 years old, and a candidate for Calhoun County Sheriff. I live on Daniels Run with my wife Saundra and our children, Anthony and Kristin. I've been in law enforcement for 191/2 years, 11 years in Calhoun County.

My career started as Deputy Jailer in Calhoun County. I attended the State Police Academy in 1987 and became a certified police officer, working in Calhoun until 1988. I served as a City Police Officer in Glenville, WV, 9 years. I am a certified D.A.R.E. instructor, having taught the program in grades K-12. I came back to Calhoun as a deputy Sheriff and am currently Chief Deputy under Sheriff Allen Parsons. I believe with my years of experience and knowledge of the processes in the Sheriff's Department, that I am the best candidate for Sheriff of Calhoun County.

I am currently doing weekend training with "Kahn" my K-9 partner. I have had training in Crime Scene Search, Criminal, Death, and Child Abuse Investigation, and Interviewing Children, to name a few. If elected I hope to obtain grants for Neighborhood Watch programs. I will take a hard stand on drugs, especially in our schools. I support getting businesses in the county and putting more citizens to work. I will work with judges and prosecutors as I have in the past. I will do my best to keep Calhoun County a safe place to live and raise our children. I will strive to keep our crime rate at a minimum, and continue to meet the needs of our citizens - after all I am working for you. (Democrat)

My name is Ivan Holbert. I am a candidate for Sheriff of Calhoun County. I am the son of the late Oliver and Betty Walker Holbert. I have two daughters, Leann Newell and Jessica Holbert, who reside in Big Bend, and a son, Christopher Boles who lives in Brunswick, Ohio, and a granddaughter, Hannah Newell.

I was born and raised in Calhoun County. I have raised my children here. I have worked in the county for the public for twenty-five years, and I am Proud of our community.

If elected I will work hard to insure that Calhoun County will remain safe for our children and will serve everyone equally, honestly, and with respect.

Thank you for your support. (Democrat)

My name is Charles McCroskey, I am 44 years old, and a candidate for Sheriff. I graduated from Calhoun High School in 1979. I live on Vaughn Road, Pleasant Hill, with my wife of 25 years, Sherry Nichols McCroskey, daughter of Burl Nichols and Judy Bowman. We have two children, April and Brad McCroskey. We attend Enon Baptist Church.

I am a member of the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department, Search and Rescue Dive Team. I am certified in many fields of law enforcement and a graduate of the West Virginia State Police Academy. I have served the people of Calhoun County for over 20 years, as Chief Deputy of the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department and Chief of Police for the town of Grantsville.

I have more years of experience and service for the people of Calhoun County than any of the other candidates. This experience qualifies me to better serve and protect the people of Calhoun County as your Sheriff.

I will see to it that all calls are answered day or night, to provide better services for the people of Calhoun County.

I care about the people of Calhoun and would like to serve them as their next Sheriff.

Thank you, your vote and support are appreciated. (Democrat)

I am Jeff Smith a life long resident of Calhoun County, growing up on Munday Road. I am married to Maria (Whipkey) Smith. We live on Yellow Creek Road at Big Springs. I attended Brooksville Grade School and Calhoun County High School, graduating in 1988. After High School, I worked for various pipeline construction companies for about six years.

I am a graduate of the WV State Police Academy and a certified law enforcement officer. I began my career in Calhoun County, with the Grantsville Police Department. Due to lack of funding and uncertain job security, I accepted a position with the Spencer Police Department in 1999. While working for the Spencer Department, I also worked for the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department. In 2001 I was appointed Chief Deputy, of Roane County Sheriff's Department, where I am currently employed.

During my career I have investigated crimes from murder to routine traffic violations. I have investigated, or been a part of, numerous drug investigations, including clandestine methamphetamine labs, which are becoming a serious problem. During my time with Roane County, I have lead investigations in crimes against children. My profession has required me to build good independent decision making skills, as well as communication and organizational skills.

Through training and experience I feel I have a lot to offer the people. I feel with the peoples help we can make our home a better, safer place, for us and our children. Calhoun County has always been my home, I feel there is no better place or people. I hope to work again, for the community that I truly care about, as your Sheriff. (Democrat)


Doyle Hupp