COMMISSION WILL APPROVE 911 PROPERTY LEASE - Architect Will Be Hired For 911 Building, County Budget Will Be Approved

The Calhoun Commission will meet at 9 a.m. today to process a number of items from past meetings, with the commission continuing to be in session from a previous meeting.

The approval of the 2004-05 budget is among those issues being processed.

The public is invited to all commission meetings, although those wishing to address the commission must sign-up fifteen minutes prior to the meeting time.

- Approve election officials and alternatives as appointed by executive committees.

- Appoint emergency absentee voting commissioners.

- Approve 99-year lease with Board of Education for building site for 911 building at Mount Zion.

- Approve architect for proposed 911 building.

- Approve work to be done at Calhoun County Park building using grant money.

- Resolution to sell excess items from the Minnora Center.

- Resolution to solicit bids for an electrical generator for Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center.