The Golden Horseshoe Award winners for Calhoun this school year are Larry Greathouse and Sarah Moore. The Golden Horseshoe Program is the culmination of the study of West Virginia, including citizenship, government, economics, geography, history, current events and the arts.

The State of West Virginia has just honored 221 eighth-graders who made high marks on the Golden Horseshoe test, earning the students the prestigious distinction.

Eighth graders from across the state were honored at the state capitol Thursday after scoring the highest on the Golden Horseshoe Test. The test has been given since 1931.

State Superintendent of Schools Doctor David Stewart says the Golden Horseshoe is a unique award coveted by many, but received by very few. Stewart spoke with the students during Thursday's ceremony at the state Cultural Center.

Stewart used a sword to induct the students into the society. Each winner received a coveted Golden Horseshoe Pin.

The Golden Horseshoe concept originated in the eighteenth century in colonial Virginia. Alexander Spotswood, the governor of Virginia, saw the need for exploration of the land west of the Allegheny Mountains. He presented his party of 50 explorers with a small golden horseshoe to commemorate the venture across the mountains.

The awarding of a golden horseshoe pin to the students is in recognition of their crossing the mountains of learning and knowledge on the road to becoming good West Virginia citizens.

Braxton: Whitney Godwin, Braxton County Middle, Stephanie McKenzie, Braxton County Middle, Brittany Ratcliff, Braxton County Middle

Clay: Alysia Hively, Clay Middle, Brianna Morton, Clay Middle, Jese Vance, Clay Middle

Gilmer: Justin Brown, Gilmer County High, Chelsea Gragg, Gilmer County High

Ritchie: Jennifer Chancey, Ritchie County Middle, Dana Duleck, Ritchie County Middle

Antony Sellers, Ritchie County Middle

Roane: Mary Katherine Cox, Spencer Middle, Christopher Fields, Walton Elementary/Middle, David Miller III, Walton Elementary/Middle

Wirt: Meghan Schreckengost, Wirt County Middle, Lacey Valentine, Wirt County Middle