SCHOOL BOARD APPROVES CALENDAR REVISIONS - Discuss Board Evaluation, Middle School Playground


The Calhoun County Board of Education met March 15th.

Kelley Houchin, representing the Athletic Boosters, requested the Board excuse students to attend the state basketball tournament in Charleston, Wednesday, March 17, 2004. It was the consensus of the Board that the principal be allowed to arrange a field trip for the senior high students to the state tournament subject to availability of school buses.

Mrs. Frederick reported on the February 24, 2004 RESA meeting and Mr. Cunningham reported on the February 25, 2004 CGCC meeting.

The following new business was approved:

2003-2004 Calendar Revision
Lease Agreement with County Commission for Emergency Services Facility
Facility Use Policy - DRAFT
Lights On Proposal Amendment - Custom Woodworking II - $425.00Primary
Election - Use of School Facilities

Upon the Superintendent's recommendation, Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Harris seconded that the following personnel matters were approved:

Termination of Contract - Russell Franklin Hickman
1. Jacqueline Shimer - Reading Mentor Teacher - Pleasant Hill
2. Renita Benson - Reading Mentor Teacher - Arnoldsburg/Reading
Specialist - Pleasant Hill and Reading First Project Coordinator
3. Steven Hosey - Substitute Teacher
4. Samuel Jarvis - Substitute Bus Operator
Administrative Contracts
5. Greg Cartwright
6. Emilio Garza
7. Jane Lynch
8. Michael Offutt
9. Donald Pitts
10. Donald Price
11. Connie Roberts
12. Bryan Sterns
13. Larry Stinn
Extension of Medical Leave of Absence until June 9, 2004 - Sandra Lancaster

Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Cunningham moved and Mrs. Frederick seconded that the following financial matters be approved as presented:

Invoices - $363,098.70
Supplements - $318,477.06
Transfers - $114,287.32
Proposed Levy Rates
Financial Statement - January
Motion carried with Mr. Simers abstaining on the Bowles Rice McGraff and Love invoices.


Board self-evaluation.
Middle School playground.
The next meeting is a Special Meeting, April 1, 2004 at the Calhoun Middle/High School; Mt. Zion, West Virginia.

Others Present: Greg Cartwright, Bob Weaver, Michael Offutt, Donald Pitts, Deb Goff, Connie Roberts, Tim Davis, Tim Moore, Jerry Riggs, Kelley Houchin, Emilio Garza, Helen Morris