By Alvin Engelke

There will be a special service at the Burning Springs M. E. church starting at 7 P. M. on Sunday March 21. Ministers from both Wirt & Calhoun Counties will be on hand for the special Lent service. All are welcome. In addition the Burning Springs revival will start on March 31.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church.

Alice Cunningham, Rosie & Dan Little have all been on the sick list.

Donna Sue Ferrell was attending to business in Grantsville. She had been having chariot trouble and had to call on Jeff Westfall to fix her automobile.

Rev. S. E. Cooper, Jr. spent the night in the hospital but is now on the mend and is able to be out driving again.

The Creston post office held a customer appreciation day complete with tasty oatmeal cookies and coffee. Margie Webster is the new employee for Saturdays and other days when Ida Wager, the postmaster, is off.

Charles Russell noted that the robins were around and that it was spring. Daffodils and colts foot have been blooming and the catkins (aments) on shrubs and trees have been shedding pollen. Some have been watching the tasty wild turkeys while others have been dreaming of morels, ramps, fresh fish and other spring delights.

Richard McFall has been attending to business in Creston.

Alvin Engelke attended a fundraiser for a mission trip for the Word of Faith Fellowship and sat with former Calhoun resident and political guru Don Yoak who is also known as Ivy Von's twin. He, as were most others that one talked with, disgusted with the scope of the corruption dealing with senior citizen programs, especially as relates to Mr. Graham who is paid over $301,000 plus insurance plus an annual contribution of $45,000 to an IRA and a contract that cannot be broken until 2023 or some such. The Wyoming County senior vans were kept in Princeton where they were used by the high school athletic department and like most senior citizen directors he is provided a car for his personal use. Being a modest and humble fellow, Graham was given a Lincoln Navigator. It appears that most of the squandered loot is Medicare money that was given to the state to provide care for poverty stricken residents. It is no wonder so many politicians sing the wonders of socialized medicine.

Jack Nutter and Fred Bish have been working on the water system and the kitchen floor at the Creston Community Building. There was supposed to be another helper but she obtained a full time job. As Jack said, "Some folks will even get a job to get out of work." It was noted that volunteers are needed on March 20 and 21 to clean up the kitchen after the repair work is completed.

The Wirt road crew worked the road up toward Island Run and the Calhoun crew hauled some more rock up the Richardsonville road. A slip came in the Ann's Run road up near the Blankenship power over the weekend.

A flower was sent that ever popular Mr. Dexterity. Delivery was made by none other than Kenny the Mail Man who has been doing all he could do to help things along. It was understood that Mr. Dexterity was checking out a wedding dress that was advertised at 25 cents on the dollar. It was noted that the garment had only been used once and alterations (or maybe it was future altercations) would be free.

Robert Lee Phillips had rear end and transmission troubles with his chariot which spent the weekend parked in Creston. He had to make other arrangements for travel.

Nancy Engelke attended the Strawberry Festival pageant at Buckhannon.

Betty Bish and her sister Wanda were visiting in the area.

Area residents have been consulting with their tax advisors getting paper work in order for state and federal tax collectors.

Four wheeler enthusiasts are reminded to mark April 17 as the first Creston ATV poker run of the season.

While the price of local crude oil dropped a little over the weekend it was still $33. It was noted that the price increase has now been laid on the Saudis who are not happy that things are going so well in Iraq. The Wahabbis especially do not want people in that part of the world brought out of the Stone Age and, apparently, they feel that the Catsup Boy would help them and not be so strong on terrorists.

Doreen Plummer was visiting with Mark "Old Lizard" Shimer, Matthew Copen, Jeremy and Carl Ferrell, Carl Glen Arthur and a few other friends and relatives. She reported having a great time and is looking forward to a return visit to Creston. In addition she visited Aunt Jeannette's store in Grantsville.

William Cottrell was attending to business in Creston where he was repairing a copy machine.