ARNOLDSBURG SCHOOL RECOGNIZES YOUNG WRITERS - Teachers Creating Web Pages, Help Selecting A Book


Students at Arnoldsburg School participated in Young Writers' Month during February. The Young Writers' competition is a state-wide competition sponsored by the WV State Department of Education. This year marks the twentieth year for the competition.

Young Writers' winners at Arnoldsburg School in grade one and two were Nicholas Smith, a second grader in Mrs. Jan Jarrell's classroom, who wrote "My Vacation to Smoke Hole Caverns." Also, Kelsey Jett, a second grader in Mrs. Patty Hicks' classroom, who wrote "Last Year's Vacation."

Brooklyn Smith, a second grader in Mrs. Jan Jarrell's classroom who wrote "A Great Vacation."

The Young Writers' winners in grade three and four were Ricky Hall, a third grader in Mrs. Renita Benson's classroom who wrote "The Big Ocean."

Also, Monica Wilson, a third grader in Mrs. Janice Westfall's classroom, who wrote "A Pencil for a Day."

Barrett Evans, a fourth grader in Mr. Bruce Jarrell's classroom, who wrote "Chances."

These Young Writers' winners will now compete at the county level in hopes of becoming a finalist to participate at the state level competition. - Submitted by Janice Westfall


Reinventing Education is a program designed to help support school reform efforts and raise student achievement. The program provides teachers with an opportunity to develop their own Web page through the West Virginia Department of Education, enabling them to display information for students and parents through the internet.

Donna Landin, director of the Reinventing Education program provided an on site training to the staff of Arnoldsburg School on February 27th.

Mrs. Landin has been recognized at the West Virginia State Department for exhibiting the purpose and success, as well as the relationship of Reinventing Education to the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

The staff at Arnoldsburg School are in the process of completing their Web Pages. The teacher Web Pages should be completed by March 15th and upon approval from Mrs. Landin, should be ready for viewing at that time. The Web Pages will be linked to the school website upon completion for easy access for students and parents.

The Web Pages will have various information provided by the teachers such as a weekly calendar, assignments, special events within the classrooms, and other pertinent information pertaining to each individual teachers class.


Provided by Tammey Webb and Linda Edwards

Choosing a book is an important first step for a reader. As an adult, you probably don't stop to think about the process that you go through. However, beginning readers can get discouraged if they don't readily find something of interest. Here are some tips for helping your child make successful book selections.

- Consider the cover and title. Is the design appealing? Does the title suggest something of interest to your child?

- Has your child enjoyed other books by this author?

- Flip through the pages. Does the type size seem appropriate? What about the amount of text?

- Look at the illustrations. How does your child react to the pictures?

- Read aloud a few lines at the beginning of the story. Are you and your child "hooked"?

If you start a book, and it doesn't hold your child's interest (or yours), then put it back and find something else. Remember, reading together should be a rewarding experience.