Many people in Calhoun County and the area are community minded, generous and dedicated. The Hur Herald staff would like to recognize those individuals and groups for all they do. We ask our readers to submit names of individuals or groups, along with a brief description of why they are Shining Stars.

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My mother, Shari Johnson, has dedicated many hours to the Victory Baptist Church, and many other organizations around the county.

She writes a Church News column for the Hur Herald on a regular basis. She is a very talented and giving person.

Shari is a gifted artist, and has painted many paintings for people around the county. She has painted murals in her office and the court house and on the door of Magistrate Rick Postalwait's office, where she is currently employed.

Other places boasting her work is the wall across from the old Grantsville Restaurant, The sign for the Grantsville Hotel and Restaurant, the Baptistery of the Victory Baptist Church, and many other small, but beautiful paintings around Calhoun.

She does many small things for people in the community, and I believe is an example of what Christian life should be about. Submitted by Whitney Dawn Johnson