SCHOOL BOARD HEARS ABOUT ARNOLDSBURG SCHOOL - Personnel Decisions, Expulsion Hearing

The Calhoun County Board of Education met Monday evening at Arnoldsburg Elementary School for a School Board Effectiveness Meeting. (See earlier story and pictures on the Herald).

Donald Price, principal, introduced Renita Benson, Local School Improvement Council Chair, and Kathy Nichols, Faculty Senate Chair, who highlighted West Virginia Report Card data as it pertained to student achievement and discussed the status of the Unified School Improvement Plan.

In addition, the faculty senate shared a rubric they utilize for minimal writing standards. Dotti Nemitz introduced students who gave a demonstration on peer mediation. Boston Evans read a book and recited all fifty-five West Virginia counties from memory.

The following matters were approved:

Job Postings

Temporary Custodian III - Pleasant Hill
Reading Mentor Teacher at Pleasant Hill
Reading Mentor Teacher at Arnoldsburg, Reading Specialist at Pleasant Hill and Reading First Project


Debra T. Cunningham - Summer Teacher Intern John Simers - Custodian III Itinerant (effective 2004-2005) Bernard Miller - Custodian III Arnoldsburg (effective March 1, 2004) Vivian Dye - Secretary III Pleasant Hill 2004-2005 (from transfer list) Nancy Taylor - Paraprofessional Itinerant 2004-2005 (from transfer list) Sherry Butt - Aide/Paraprofessional/Transportation Aide (Split Shift) 2004-2005 (from transfer list) John Simers - Temporary Custodian III - Pleasant Hill (effective March 2, 2004)

Mr. Simers abstaining on Items relating to John Simers.

The board went into executive session regarding a student expulsion hearing, and returned about one hour later with a decision.

Upon the Superintendent's recommendation, Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Harris seconded that student 2003-04/06 be expelled for the remainder of the school year for Level 4 Violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Motion carried unanimously.

The next meeting is March 15 at the Office of the Superintendent at Mt. Zion.

Others Present:

Connie Badgett, Mary Bell, Chris Bell, Renita Benson, Patsy Bowers, Greg Cartwright, Dan Cosgrove, Phyllis Evans, Brian Evans, Jessi Evans, Barrett Evans, Boston Evans, Emilio Garza, Jennifer Hannah, Karen Mace, Jordan Mace, Evan Mace, Seana Miller, Dotti Nemitz, Kathryn Nichols, Michael Offutt, Brandon Powell, Donnie Price, Betty Price, Joy Starcher, Marvin Starcher, Charles Thomas, Bob Weaver, Janice Westfall, Dee Wilford, Amber Wilford,