COMMISSION WILL REVIEW GRANTS - Discuss 911 Building Property, Bids

The Calhoun Commission meets today at 4 pm.

Items on the agenda:

- Review architectural/engineering proposals for improvements to courthouse through grant funds.

- Review of grant contracts/proposals: Wayne Underwood Field walking trail, Wayne Underwood Field improvements, Criminal Justice Grant for courthouse lighting improvements, boat dock at Wayne Underwood Field, grant from Minnora Community Center, siding for park building, Sisters of St. Joseph grant.

- Special levy election items (March 6 Emergency Services Levy), canvas ballots on March 12 at 9 am; appoint election workers for Primary Election on March 23rd.

- Annual budget meetings on March 8 and March 19, 9 am.

- 911 building site lease with Calhoun Board of Education; review bids on materials and labor for 911 center building.

- Little Kanawha Development Authority, Diane Ludwig.

- Review bids for sale of old gym/exercise equipment.

- Minnora Community Center to discuss issues.

- Routine items, budget control, budget revisions, appointments to boards and authorities, erroneous tax assessments, payment of bills, bonds, bills, wills and settlements.