MOUNTAIN STATE SHOOTIN' AND STABBIN' REPORT - Mums The Word In Cyclist's Murder, Jefferson Woman's Throat Slashed, $1.8 Mil Awarded Family After Police Shooting, Brother Killed Stealing Welfare Card

NO ONE'S TALKING - Boone Deputy Rodney Miller says 42-year-old Tim Moore of Sylvester was shot and killed by 34-year-old Barry Massey of Seth outside the Lone Rider's Motorcycle Club.

Miller said there were eyewitnesses to the shooting, but they are not talking.

The murdered man was a member of the motorcycle club.

Authorities say Moore and another man were in a van when Massey arrived. Fifteen to 20 rounds of gunfire were exchanged in the shoot-out.

THROAT IS CUT - The body of a 20-year-old Jefferson County woman, identified as Jennifer Dodson, was discovered in her Willow Spring Apartment.

Reports indicate Dodson's throat was slashed, and police say they did find evidence at the scene. The woman's infant daughter was found unharmed in her crib. A suspect is being sought.

KANAWHA WOMEN GETS $1.8 MIL AFTER POLICEMAN SHOOTS HUSBAND - The widow of a man shot and killed by a South Charleston police officer has settled for $1.8 million dollars after a civil lawsuit that claimed the shooting was illegal.

Carolyn Houchins' says police targeted her husband after he was reported for sitting in his car outside a South Charleston home in April last year.

Houchins left the scene after the officer arrived, in what was described as a slow speed chase.

South Charleston police said Corporal J. A. Compton fired his handgun at Houchins in what he said was self-defense, claiming Houchins had threatened him with a gun. There was no evidence to prove the officer's statement.

South Charleston officials said the settlement was a business decision by the city's insurance company, St. Paul Insurance.

The officer was not found guilty on any wrongdoing.

MAN SHOT FOR STEALING WELFARE CARD - A Cabell County man will spend up to 15 years in prison for the death of his half brother.

Keith Dement pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. He admitted that he shot Matthew Medding in Salt Rock after Medding stole his family's welfare card, prompting an argument between the two.

Dement told police he fired warning shots as Medding ran away, and didn't mean for one of the bullets to hit him.

W.Va. linebacker suspended after arrest on federal gun charges MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) - A West Virginia football player was suspended Sunday after he was arrested on federal gun charges. WVU FOOTBALL PLAYER SUSPENDED - Muhammad "Mo'' Howard, 22, of Baltimore, has been charged by federal officers with selling guns without a license.Howard is charged with buying more than 20 inexpensive firearms between March 26 and June 2, 2003, from a Morgantown dealership.

CHARLESTON WATCH - No one was murdered in Charleston this week, although there were shooting episodes.