KEY ENERGY LEAVING ARNOLDSBURG - Most Employees Will Retain Jobs, Some Workers Will "Have To Quit"


Key Energy has been at Arnoldsburg five years

Service Center provides employment for 140 workers

By Bob Weaver

One of the area's leading employers is leaving Calhoun County.

Key Energy is reportedly moving their Arnoldsburg operating center to a location off I-77 near Sissonville in Kanawha County.

The move is based upon quicker access to an interstate highway and the company's customer base.

Key currently employees about 140 people at the Arnoldsburg center, some are residents of Calhoun County.

While no official announcement has been made, company officers have apparently decided not to renew a lease agreement with Calhoun businessman Ronald Lane. The renewal period is at the end of this month.

Key would vacate the Arnoldsburg site by August.

Company officials have told employees they may retain their jobs if they can adapt to the new location.

Most Key employees are from Gilmer, Roane and Jackson County.

Most of the people who are unable to follow the company and lose their jobs are attached to the Arnoldsburg business office and company shop.

Key came to Arnoldsburg five years ago from a location at Ripley.

Key is based in Midland, Texas and has 8,000 employees world-wide. The company says it offers clients the most comprehensive and advanced array of onshore energy production services available from a single company.

The company has an annual revenue of $1 billion.