Dominion Hope Gas is wanting a 27 percent increase in their natural gas customers bills. They went before the Public Service Commission Tuesday morning to argue their case.

The actual request was made back in August.

The PSC granted an interim increase starting January 1. If you were paying $107 last year, now you'd be paying $21 dollars more.

William McKeown with Dominion-Hope says the company needs a permanent increase of 27 percent.

The company says they need the increase because of higher well-head prices.

Consumer advocate Billy Jack Gregg said that Dominion needs to decrease its interim rate from $128 to $121.

Dominion Hope customers have been paying the same price for gas for the last two years.

If the PSC does grant Dominion Hope an increase, consumers won't feel the effects until May or June.

Dominion-Hope serves about 116,000 customers in 32 counties in West Virginia.