Sentencing is scheduled in Gilmer County on April 12th for former Glenville police officer Michael Kendall.

The officer was convicted Monday by a Webster County jury on felony burglary charges and misdemeanor brandishing a weapon.

The case had been moved to Webster because his attorney felt he could not get a fair trial in Gilmer County.

Kendall was accused of ramming and firing a shot into a pickup truck driven by 20-year-old Kevin Tingler during a high speed pursuit last March.

Police said that after the Glenville officer lost Tingler in the chase, he drove several miles which took him through another county and entered the residence of Tingler's father and mother. He then drew his gun on three occupants. Tingler was not present.

Tingler's mother told the Herald she had never expected to experience anything like it in her lifetime.

Jurors found Kendall innocent of an attempt to commit voluntary manslaughter, a felony, and destruction of property, a misdemeanor, among other charges.

Kendall had previously served as a police officer in Clarksburg, where he resigned in October 2002 amid dismissal proceedings.