By Alvin Engelke

The news around Creston has been weather related. Bucky Arthur noted that it was -11 degrees Fahrenheit on his thermometer Saturday morning. Others also reported readings in the negative numbers. One can only imagine how cold it would have been if it were not for Albert Gore Junior's "global warming".

In addition to the bitter cold there was a snowfall consisting or about three inches. Ice has been running in the river and Sunday morning the ice glazed trees sparked in the sunlight.

Mrs. Don Rhodes reported that their water was frozen off. Matt Copen reported the same problem as did several others. Others reported that their free gas froze off leaving them rather chilly.

Margaret Dooley is not at all well.

Fred Bish and Carl Ferrell worked on the heating stove in the kitchen at the Creston Community Building.

Huge loads of logs have been going up and down Route 5 and more logs have been coming over Ground Hog. The Green Hornet and Murph The Smurf nabbed some of the over weight ones the other day.

Some folks were "real proud" of their gas bills and the high dollar natural gas that they had purchased.

The price of local crude is now $29.25/bbl and the wholesale price of propane is 71 cents/gallon.

Herbie and Teresa Toney were attending to business in Creston Saturday evening.

Rev. S. E. Cooper, Jr. is able to be out and about driving.

Mr. Lee who lives down on the Petty place was on the sick list but after some medical attention he is on the mend. His neighbors, the Tedricks, took him under their wing.

Jane and Nancy Engelke and Susan Myers spent a few days in Atlanta on a buying trip for Jane's store.

Unless there is an application in the mail with a Saturday postmark, no one filed for the vacant position of Mayor of Creston. However about 15 filed for governor and they lost count on the Secretary of State candidates.

Speaking of politicians, it was learned that Saddam gave big wads of cash to politicians, religious "leaders" and news media types world wide. One of West Virginia's congress critters paid a visit to Baghdad before the war and one can only wonder how well he prospered as he was "pro Iraq".

Dorr Vandall, age 84, passed away down in Florida. A son of the late Myrt and Sylvia Criss Vandall he was buried in the family cemetery in Creston.

Rose took another job and, it was reported, that Mr. Dexterity didn't even go to wish her well on her last day. One woman noted that married people were more content and lived longer. It was pointed out that married folks would, most likely, have a lower risk of catching certain bad communicable diseases.

Those who followed the big football game extravaganza might relate to one of the new jokes on the world wide web. It seems that Mrs. Clinton is having a press conference and she is asked whether she was rooting for the Panthers or the Patriots.

"Oh", she said, "that's easy, going back to my law school days, I've always backed the Panthers and never supported the Patriots."

The newsman said, "Oh I didn't realize you were such a big football fan."

Puzzled, Mrs. Clinton responded, "Who is talking about football?"