The Calhoun County School Board voted to expel a student from the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center for one semester because of a drug use incident. The student will be required to pass drug screening and can return as a student in the Alternative Learning Center.

The action was taken during the board meeting Tuesday evening.

It was the consensus of the board that the Superintendent negotiate a lease with the Calhoun County Commission for the site of a 911 Center. The site is adjacent the school board office and the bus garage, behind Calhoun Middle/High School.

Board member Ralph Cunningham reported on the December 17, 2003 CGCC meeting.

Greg Cartwright reported on the "Programs of Study," which have been under review, related to educational tracks for students you are college bound or the skilled technical track and discussed the Unified County Improvement Plan, which has been submitted to the Office of Educational Performance Audits.

Items approved by the board:
Facility Request for Special Election March 6, 2004
Prior Service Policy - Draft
Attendance Policy - Approved)
Physical Therapy Contract - Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center
Unified County Improvement Plan
Volunteer Agreements: Matt Ashley - Calhoun Middle/High School and Emma Jean Richards - Pleasant Hill
WVSBA Direct Fee
Student Transfer - Charles Hinzman from Calhoun County to Gilmer County
Medical Leave of Absence - Sandra Lancaster (through March 14, 2004)
Lights On Proposals

Job Posting - CMHS Academic Program Coordinators for Sophomores (2 positions)
Resignation - Judy Underwood (Effective June 10, 2004)

Larry Stinn - Mentor/Donald Price
Amber Bailey - Substitute Teacher
Thomas Bailey - Substitute Teacher
Patricia Cottrell - Substitute Teacher
Alisha Shaffer - Substitute Teacher
Daniel Beall - Follies Director (Lights On)
Trina Beall - Follies Administrative Assistant (Lights On)
Jo Mollendick - Follies Art Director (Lights On)
Casey Harris - Follies Dance Choreographer (Lights On)
Ryan Bremar - Follies Sound Technician (Lights On)
William Weaver - Follies Lighting Technician (Lights On)
Danielle Lamont - Tutor (Lights On)
Jeff Church - Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
Debra T. Cunningham - Homebound Teacher
Bessie Welch - Homebound Teacher

Invoices - $374,775.75
Supplements - $36,766.92
Transfers - $274,885.15
December Financial Statement
Motion carried unanimously.

Other topics of discussion were:
Concerns regarding board goals
The success of Calhoun High wrestlers
A trip to the legislature by retired school employees.

The next meeting is February 16, 2004 at the Office of the Superintendent.

Board members present, Ralph Cunningham, Richard Fitzwater, Carlene Frederick, Donald Harris, Burl Simers and Ronald Blankenship, Secretary.

Others attending: Greg Cartwright, Karen Elkin, Emilio Garza, Sandy McCumbers, Bob Rentschler, Jerry Riggs, Connie Roberts, Joe Tanner and Bob Weaver.