LOOKING BACK: White Pine School - 1923 Students


White Pine School - April 11, 1923

Front row (L to R) Thrul Burrows, Doyle Kight, Oleth Burrow,, unknown, unknown, Woodrow Kelly, Howard Grim, Glendon Kight, Orval Kelly, Clarence Hickman, unknown, Clifford Burrows, Geraldine Kelly, Herma Kelly, unknown, Eddie Frederick.

2nd Row (L to R) Dola Kight, Lillie Kight, Coe Hickman, Greta Kelly, Ermal Kelly, Genee Kelly, Ruby Hickman, Geraldine Whipkey, unknown

3rd Row (L to R) Denver Kight, unknown, unknown, Boyd Kight, Kenneth Grim, unknown, Tick Kelly

4th Row (L to R) Harry Kight, Kermit Kight, Fred Kelly, Edith Kight, Nellie Whipkey, Wibur Frederick, Ermal Webster, Joy Kimbal, Gladys Kelly, Joe Webster, Goldie Kight

Back Row (L to R) Kenneth Whipkey, Elias Yoak, Lillian Frederick, Nola Kelly, Dollie Simmers, Billy Ayers, Alma Kelly, Susie Grim, Rachel Frederick, Roy Kemper

Others known to be in picture but not identified: Glen Cunningham, Madge Cunningham, Hope Whipkey, Minnie Frederick, Herbert Delaney, Gay Cunningham

Photo courtesy of Freddie Charles Kight, born July 5, 1919 in White Pine, residing in Panama, Florida.