COMMISSION OBTAINS $170,000 GRANT FOR MHHCC - New Electrical Generation System Will Provide Back-Up

A $170,000 grant has been approved for a new electrical generation system for Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center in Grantsville, using Homeland Security funding.

CEO Barb Lay said the new generator will keep the facility going during power outages. Two generators placed in operation in 1959 when the hospital opened had exceeded their life expectancy.

She said the old natural gas powered generators are no longer manufactured and parts are difficult to obtain. The generators no longer meet standards.

The Calhoun Commission supported the grant application to obtain the new electrical generating system.

Lay said the rural health care facility, which serves several counties, has the only negative pressure isolation room in the region. She said maintaining power is essential not only for continuity of service, but during times of emergency.